Is Natalia Solián From Huesera Dating Anyone? Let’s Explore Her Personal Details!


Many people want to meet Natalia Solian Boyfriend since the actress has won many hearts with her exceptional acting abilities and lovely attitude.

If you’ve seen Huesera: The Bone Woman, you’ve probably seen Natalia Solian. She is a rising star who will make her professional acting debut in 2021.

Natalia exudes self-assurance and has the capacity to turn heads everywhere she goes.

The actress is known for her roles in Red Shoes (2022), Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022), and No Voy a Pedirle a Nadie que me Crea.

Many people are curious about her personal life and relationships because she is a rising actress.

As a result, we’ve brought you this story about Natalia’s love life and more.

Is Natalia Solián From Huesera Dating Anyone?

Natalia is charming, hardworking, and sympathetic; there is no doubt about it.

Natalia Solian’s supporters are eager to learn who she is dating because she boasts all of the attributes required to lure any man.

Despite being open about her career ambitions, The Huesera actress prefers to keep her romantic connections low-key. That’s quite understandable on her side.

However, after reviewing her social media accounts, we determined that Natalia Solian is in a very happy and flourishing relationship.

The actress is currently engaged to Bernardo Velasco. Natalia Solian’s partner was previously the owner/operator of Teatro Barlovento.

Is Natalia Solián From Huesera Dating Anyone? Let's Explore Her Personal Details

Bernardo is also a student at the Foro Teatro Contemporáneo. He, like his girlfriend, works in the entertainment industry.

Besides, the couple has been dating for a while and is madly over heels in love.

Although their specific relationship history is unclear, we can see through their social media posts that they have been together for some time and are each other’s significant support system.

Hopefully, the couple will be more public about their romance in the following days, and we hope that their love will last despite all odds.

Exploring Natalia Solian’s Wikipedia, Age, and Parents

Natalia was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and now lives in Mexico City. She was welcomed into this world by her parents who were very loving and supportive.

Unfortunately, because the actress decides to keep her personal life private, nothing is known about her age, birth date, and family.

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Natalia, perhaps, will be more vocal about her birth and family information in the coming days.

Natalia Solian’s Professional Career and Earnings

Natalia made her professional debut in 2021 and has approximately 6 acting credits to her name.

In 2021, the actress made her on-screen debut as Cindy in the TV miniseries Somos. She was in six episodes. Natalia also appeared in the TV series Esta historia me suena the same year.

She also appeared in the TV series Pena Ajena in 2021. Natalia’s film credits include Huesera: The Bone Woman and Red Shoes, in addition to the series.

Is Natalia Solián From Huesera Dating Anyone? Let's Explore Her Personal Details

She also appeared as Mujer Mexicana in the 2022 TV series An Unknown Enemy.

Natalia is fantastic at what she does, and she has won many people’s hearts with her incredible acting abilities; not to mention, she is equally charming.

Similarly, the actress’ net worth has not been publicized because she is still in the early stages of her professional career.

With her rising fame and acting activities, she is sure to earn a lot of money in the next years. We wish Natalia the best of luck with her future endeavors.

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