Why Did Rachel and Dave Hollis Split Up? What Happened Between Them!


Rachel and David Hollis were a powerful couple in the personal development and self-help industry.

Rachel Hollis is a best-selling author and motivational speaker, while her brother Dave Hollis is a former Disney executive who now operates his own media company.

They were a married couple for nearly two decades with four children. Nevertheless, in June 2020, they shocked their fans and following by announcing their divorce. This article will investigate the grounds for their divorce.

Many people are curious to know why Rachel and Dave Hollis divorced. People are particularly interested in their private lives because they are both famous individuals.

There was a round of questions about Why Did Rachel And Dave Hollis Split. Let us go on to know more about Why Did Rachel And Dave Hollis Split and What Happened to Rachel and Dave Hollis?

Why Did Rachel and Dave Hollis Split Up?

Many people were surprised by Dave and Rachel Hollis’ divorce, especially those who had followed their relationship.

David, a former Disney distribution chief, quit supporting his wife’s budding career as a self-help author and influencer.

They appeared to have it all: a loving marriage, a thriving business, and a wealthy family. Rachel, on the other hand, revealed on Instagram in June 2020 that they were divorcing after 16 years of marriage.

Rachel stated in her post that they had tried for three years to preserve their marriage but decided that they needed to part ways.

That was a difficult decision, she said, but it was “healthier and more respectful” to their experience as a married couple.

Her statements sparked a flood of responses from their fans and followers, who praised them for being open and honest about their marital problems.

Why Did Rachel and Dave Hollis Split Up? What Happened Between Them

Dave broke his silence on Instagram over a month after Rachel’s announcement. He stated in a now-deleted post that Rachel filed for divorce two days after their 16th anniversary.

He went on to say that she informed him they could “only become the man and woman [they] were genuinely meant to be… apart.”

His statement revealed some of the difficulties they had as a marriage, as well as the difficulties they faced in reconciling their differences.

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The divorce of the Hollises emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and how it can affect a marriage.

Individuals’ objectives, values, and priorities may change as they develop and evolve, and these changes can strain a relationship.

In the Hollises’ instance, Rachel’s job as an author and influencer caused her to focus more on her own growth and development, while Dave had to adjust to a new position as a supportive spouse and partner.

What Happened to Rachel and Dave Hollis?

Rachel Hollis, the late Dave Hollis’ ex-wife, has finally broken her silence after her former spouse died in their home in Austin, Texas.

David, a former Disney distribution executive, died on February 11th, at the age of 47. He was hospitalized for cardiac problems prior to his untimely death, and the actual cause of his death is unknown.

Rachel issued a brief note on her Instagram page on February 14, a day after news of Dave’s death became public, updating her fans on how she and their four children are surviving.


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Rachel and Dave had three sons, Sawyer Hollis, Ford Hollis, and Jackson Hollis, as well as a daughter, Noah Hollis, who was adopted in 2017.

After 16 years of marriage, the pair announced their divorce in June 2020. Despite their divorce, the two remained close and continued to co-parent and work as partners in their joint venture.

Since Dave’s untimely death, Rachel has received an outpouring of love and support from her fans and followers, many of whom have expressed their condolences and offered their prayers.

Rachel is a best-selling author of “Girl, Wash Your Face” and is well-known for her motivating and inspiring content.

She has yet to issue a formal statement regarding her ex-death, and her husband’s but her quick update provides insight into how the family is faring at this terrible time.

Is Dave Hollis Still Alive?

Dave Hollis, a former Disney executive who left the company to work with his wife on developing a successful lifestyle brand, died at the age of 47 at his home in Texas.

Rachel Hollis, Hollis’ ex-wife, is the successful author of “Girl, Wash Your Face. Dave Hollis was pronounced dead on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at his house in Dripping Springs, which is located on the outskirts of Austin, according to Hays County Justice of the Peace Andrew Cable.

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While the cause of death has not been made public, Hollis had recently been hospitalized for cardiac troubles.

Hollis had been with Disney for 17 years and was the company’s chief of distribution for seven years before departing in 2018 to join his wife’s startup.

The couple relocated from Los Angeles to the Austin region and worked on a range of initiatives, including live broadcasts, podcasts, and life-affirming conferences.

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How Long Did Dave and Rachel Spend Together?

Dave and Rachel were wed for almost 2 decades.

How Did Their Divorce Affect Their Fans?

Rachel and Dave were considered an inspirational and aspirational marriage in the personal development sector, and the news of their divorce stunned and devastated many fans.

Why Did Rachel and Dave Decide to Separate?

Rachel Hollis announced their divorce on Instagram, saying they had tried “endlessly” for the previous three years to make their marriage work but had come to the conclusion that “it is healthier and more respectful for us to chose this as the end of our journey as a married couple.”

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