Meet Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend: Did They Ever Split Up?


Michelle Phan, a well-known YouTuber and the creator of EM Cosmetics are well aware of this.

Michelle rose to prominence in 2005 after starting a personal blog where she discussed various beauty methods. Her fashion business was already taking off when she co-founded MyGlam in 2011.

L’Oreal introduced EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan two years later, which she acquired and relaunched in 2017.

Michelle Phan is an incredible woman, which begs the question of who is lucky enough to be called her “lover.”

Learn about Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend and other information on this page; her boyfriend is a frequently searched topic on the Internet.

Meet Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend

According to a famous quote saying, “we attract what we are.” Michelle Phan and her long-term boyfriend, Dominique Capraro, fit the bill wonderfully. Is his name familiar to you?

It’s natural to think you’ve heard Dominique Capraro’s name someplace because he’s not your average guy.

He’s a professional model and one of the modeling industry’s most powerful figures, especially after working with Jaffa Models in Chicago.

Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend: When Did They Meet?

Dominique has also previously held the title of Mr. Switzerland. With that description alone, you’d think it’s no surprise Michelle fell for him, right?

Yet their friendship is more than just being equally prominent in the fashion and modeling worlds.

When Did Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro Meet?

Dominique and Michelle originally met in a Persian Café in Paris in 2010, and their romance began soon after. Michelle told her story in her YouTube video “My Long Distance Love Story & Advice” in 2014.

Michelle described how she and Dominique first met and how important it was for her in that video.

Her first visit to Paris was in 2010, and she went to tour the city, unaware that she was about to meet a man who would transform her life.

Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend: When Did They Meet?

Their first meeting was also extremely amusing. Michelle recalls in the film being unable to order because the menu was entirely in French, at which point Dominique arrived to assist her.

Dominique and Michelle hit it off right away, and the two ended up conversing for hours in the cafe. It sounds like a Watpadd story, and it’s difficult not to feel jealous of them.

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Dominique Capraro’s Two-year Long-distance Relationship

Their first meeting was a sweet story, but the start of their relationship wasn’t always smooth. Michelle and Dominique had to deal with a two-year long-distance romance.

But their love was strong enough to overcome any hurdles that arose during the course of their romance. In her video, Michelle also discussed how she managed all of this.

One of her techniques was to keep in touch despite the distance and time difference between Europe and America. Indeed, love may motivate us to do anything.

Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend: When Did They Meet?

There hasn’t been any conflict between them throughout their ten-year partnership. That’s fantastic since Michelle and Dominique are the ideal #PowerCouple and the most attractive couple in Hollywood, not to mention the wealthiest couple.

They choose a low-key relationship because they appreciate their privacy.

Despite having 125,000 followers, Dominique has changed his Instagram account to private.

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Michelle, on the other hand, makes her account public and regularly publishes about her life there, but she doesn’t reveal too much about her relationship on Instagram.

Michelle instead shares more about her life with Dominique on her YouTube channel. So don’t get your hopes up because she made certain that what she puts on her videos isn’t too personal for her or Dominique.

Did They Ever Split Up?

Dominique, on the other hand, last appeared in Michelle’s video in 2015, in a Q&A video. Others began to believe that they had already broken up. But if they do, it will be the saddest heartbreak of the decade.

Is it true, though, that Michelle and Dominique are no longer together?

That question was left unresolved until now because neither of them clarified or denied anything. Michelle and Dominique appeared to go entirely private in 2015, but it doesn’t imply their romance was over.

On the contrary, there was a rumor that the two were secretly married. Several debates took place on many platforms, including Reddit.

Who is Michelle Phan's Boyfriend: When Did They Meet?

“I read somewhere that Michelle and Dom got married, but then issues occurred, and they separated or something,” one Reddit member commented.

Other users, though, have other thoughts. Some claimed to be still together but chose to remain nameless, while others claimed to be on a break but never planned to dissolve their relationship.

We won’t know the truth unless Michelle or Dominique clarify anything and reappear on social media.

Michelle and Dominique Maintain Their Achievements

Michelle-Dominique may have been on pause since 2015, but their career is still growing. Michelle is still a beauty guru and is regarded as one of the most successful in her business.

According to Forbes, Michelle Phan was valued at more than $500 million in 2015 and has continued to rise since then.

Michelle, according to Forbes, learned how to expand her business more effectively by not “posting too frequently” and “adding too many adverts.”

“I quickly realized that it wouldn’t last long since people value honesty over marketing,” Michelle told the magazine.

Dominique Capraro creates a great life for her lovely beau as well. His net worth is now estimated at $5 million.

Despite the fact that his celebrity increased when he began dating Michelle, Dominique demonstrated to the world that his talent and passion for modeling made him distinct, not who he was dating.

They are, without a doubt, the power couple of the century.

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