who is Babymetal Band star Yui Mizuno? Why Did She Leave the Group?


Yui Mizuno is a popular Pop Singer. Her birthday is June 20, 1999, and she was born in Japan.

Yui is also known as, She is well-known for her work in the J-pop and heavy metal genres, and in 2010 she joined both Sakura Gakuin (an all-female Japanese pop music group) and Babymetal.

She has also performed with Twinklestars, Minipati, and Black Babymetal.

many people are curious about who is Yui Mizuno and why the reason she left Babymetal.

Quick Facts

Full Name Yui Mizuno
Date of Birth June 20, 1999
Age 23 Yrs
Birth Place Kanagawa, Prefecture, Japan
Marital Status Unmarried
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
Nationality Japanese
Profession Musician, singer, model, and actress
Net Worth $1 million to $5 million

Why Did She Leave the Group?

In October 2018, “Babymetal” release an official statement stating that Yui will not be performing with the band on future tours and was no longer a member due to an unknown illness.

Yui also stated on social media that she has quit the band and may pursue a solo career in the future, trying to write: “Sorry to disappoint the fans who have supported Babymetal.

who is Babymetal Band star Yui Mizuno Why Did She Leave the Group

I had a great urge to return to the stage, but my physical condition is still not ideal. Furthermore, I believe I should pursue my dream. These factors influenced my decision”.

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On the other side, the two surviving members of the band continued composing songs and elected not to replace Yui, in an interview stated disclosing “We wanted to continue BABYMETAL and maintain the history.

However, there is no one like Yuimetal, so finding a suitable replacement is difficult. That’s why Su-Metal and Moametal chose to become the basis of BABYMETAL.”

Rise to Stardom

Yui has worked as a model and actress in commercials and videos since she was a child. She was featured in the magazines “Shogakuichinensei” and “Putchigumi” in 2006.

She starred in the TV ad “Bandai, Very Cute” two years later, followed by another modeling stint in the Tokyo Kids Collection AW fashion show.

In 2009, she won a tiny role in the anime series “MW Chapter 0, Akuma No Game,” making her television debut.

Yui also played Hori Shizyo in the film “Happi Basude,” directed by Kozo Nagayama, which aired as part of Fuji TV’s “Japan’s Forgotten” special that night.

Before switching to music, she earned the role of Kyoko Yamauchi in the drama series “Kioku No Umi” in 2010.

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Where is She Currently Now?

Yui and “Babymetal” both went radio silent following her formal announcement. In addition, her leaving created much controversy and speculation over her sickness and the possibility that there was more to the story.

According to some, the Japanese music industry is cruel, and band members and performers are sometimes subjected to physically demanding and exhausting routines consisting of dancing classes, etiquette training, and extreme diets.

who is Babymetal Band star Yui Mizuno Why Did She Leave the Group

Given that she fainted twice during her performance, some of her followers observed that she appeared tired.

Despite suggestions of pursuing a solo career, she hasn’t released any music or attended any public events since leaving the band in 2018. Because she isn’t on social media, it’s difficult to find out what she’s up to these days.

Physical Characteristics and Interests

Yui stands 5ft 2ins (156cm) tall and weighs approximately 97 lbs (44kgs), with vital statistics of 29-21-31. Her natural hair is black, and she has black eyes.

When it comes to food, she likes tomatoes and salmon.

In her spare time, she enjoys stargazing and reading books on stars.

Her favorite international singer is Ariana Grande, and her favorite movies are “Sugar Rush”, “Toy Story 3”, and “The Little Mermaid”.

Final Words

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