Catherine Haena Kim Parents and Husband Revealed!


Catherine Heana Kim is a model and actress from the United States. Her most well-known films include The Company You Keep, Ballers, and Good Trouble.

Catherine was also awarded Miss Virginia United States in 2006, finished third in the National Pageant, and was named Miss Photogenic.

She also attended the University of Virginia and got a bachelor’s degree in acting and psychology. Tina Fey and Benjamin Mckenzie were also classmates at the University.

She worked as an MTV VJ at MTV K, a Korean channel based in America, before moving to Hollywood. She also modeled before making her film debut.

Catherine Haena Kim’s ethnicity has sparked a lot of attention among her followers. In the article below, you may learn more about her background and family.

Catherine Haena Kim’s Ethnicity

Catherine Haena Kim was born and raised in the United States but came from a first-generation Korean family. She holds American citizenship and is of Korean origin.

Catherine’s surname Kim means “gold,” and its origins can be traced back to the ancient Korean kingdom. The name was held by the royal families of the Korean Peninsula.

_Get to Know Catherine Haena Kim’s Ethnicity, Parents and Husband

Catherine’s parents immigrated to America in search of new chances roughly forty years ago and have since retired to the United States.

Catherine was born and raised in America, yet she is proud of her Korean heritage and speaks the language. Kim Hae Na is her Korean name.

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Catherine Haena Kim: Parents and Husband Revealed

Catherine Haena Kim was born on May 19, 1984, in Queens, New York. She was born into a four-person family. She has a younger brother named Joe Kim as well.

Lucia Kim is Kim’s mother’s name. Because her father has already died, there isn’t much information available about him. Dad died when Kim was only starting out in her career.

Kim’s grandparents traveled to America to serve as Catherina and Joe’s guardians, relieving her mother of the financial burden. He educated them on Korean culture and language.

Kim writes about her father and tells stories about him on her blog. In one of her Instagram posts, she expresses her regret for having taken her parents for granted.

 Get to Know Catherine Haena Kim’s Ethnicity, Parents and Husband

She didn’t recognize her mistakes until after she had lost her father. In another post, she discusses how she began to receive more important parts following her father’s death, and she simply responds by saying it’s because her father is now closer to God’s ear and praying for her.

It’s also sad that Kim’s father never got to witness her daughter succeed. She is now sincerely grateful to her family and for everything, her parents have done for her.

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Although her prominence, Kim’s romantic life is somewhat unknown. There was a rumor that she was dating Brad Lawler.

There are still many photos of her and her purported lover on Instagram, but she hasn’t shared any since 2020. Some are guessing that they are secretly dating.

Catherine Haena Kim’s Instagram 

Catherine has a large social media following. Her Instagram handle is @catherinehkim. She has over 60k Instagram followers.

Catherine is more active on Instagram than she is on Facebook. She promotes her work and discusses her journey thus far. She joined Instagram in September 2011, and her account was verified in May 2019.

She is frequently seen promoting ‘The Company You Keep,’ her most recent book. She also provides health and fashion advice to young actors and actresses.

Her Instagram profile is growing, and she is aware of it. She has gone out of her way to avoid controversy and utilize her platform to promote and protect her culture of origin.

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