JTV Show host Nikki Rouleau’s Illness and Health Update: Chronic Illness!


Nikki Rouleau is a JTV show host (Jewelry Television). Jewelry Television is an American television network that concentrates on the retail of jewels for both men and women.

The network’s principal on-air and online branding is its lowercase JTV initials.

Jewelry Television’s corporate headquarters are located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Rouleau has been in the home shopping industry for many years. She started with the company in 1997 and now hosts the Jewelry Television show.

Nikki believes in giving back to the community and mentors young women, encouraging and mentoring them as they grow into their best selves.

Nikki Rouleau, a TV host, revealed in 2019 that she had a chronic disease.

Nikki Rouleau Illness: Chronic Illness Diagnosis

On her Facebook page in 2019, TV host Nikki Rouleau stated that she was suffering from a severe illness.

Rouleau admitted to having a chronic illness, but she was hopeful that things will improve soon. She, on the other hand, remained silent about her illness.

She was touched by the outpouring of good thoughts, prayers, and support from her friends and family.

JTV show host Nikki Rouleau's illness and health status update Chronic Illness

Nikki kept her illness hidden since she didn’t want to concern her well-wishers, despite the fact that several of them had inquired about her health.

According to a source, she had cardiac surgery and mentioned in a previous Facebook post that she had a major heart issue. Yet, it is unclear whether this is the case.

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Nikki Rouleau’s Health Status: How is She Doing Now?

Nikki Rouleau has not provided any updates on her health and well-being.

In the same post, she informed her supporters about her chronic condition and indicated that she is improving and will return soon. As a result, she may presently be in good health.

She joked that they were always seeking ways to get her back inside “the picture box.” For almost 30 years, she has shared life, love, stunning diamonds, hope, and fun with her clientele.

JTV show host Nikki Rouleau's illness and health status update Chronic Illness

Nikki said that her clients were an extension of herself and that she really can not wait to see them again. In a recent Facebook post dated January 2023, she indicated that she would return to JTV after several weeks of rest.

Nikki Rouleau’s Professional Achievements Are Explored

Nikki Rouleau has spent many years working in the home shopping industry. When she was 15, she started working at Shop At Home.

She continued to study every element of the industry before accepting her first hosting role before becoming 18 years old.

She started working for JTV in 1997 and has witnessed the network grow and improve through the years, much like a fine wine.

Nikki’s best advice to her clients is to remember that jewelry is a collectible, not just a fashion piece.

Nikki still considers her clients to be the most enjoyable aspect of her career. She stated how rewarding it is to hear from her clients how she affected their life, whether it was because they considered her a friend or because she helped them find the nicest piece of jewelry they had ever worn.

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