Was Nicola Bulley Suffering From Depression? Authorities Released Bulley’s Personal Information!


Nicola Bulley went missing while walking her dog, Willow, along the River Wyre in late January 2023. Divers have found no evidence of Bulley, confirming the police’s theory that she fell into the river.

“As you’re probably aware, extensive searching has taken place in that river,” Peter Lawson, a police constable, told Channel 5.

“The fact that the divers and underwater rescue team and everyone else who were in that river on that day, and happily discovered nothing, in the place where you would have thought she was last seen.”

The police took the ‘rare move’ of disclosing personal information about Bulley weeks after her disappearance.

Early Menopause Can Cause Depression

Bulley experienced drinking problems due to early menopause, according to the police on February 15, 2023.

According to The Daily Mail, early menopause occurs when periods stop before the age of 45 and affects approximately one in every twenty women.

According to the source, early menopause increases the risk of dementia, depression, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Bulley’s family issued a statement alerting the public that Bulley was taking HRT to control early menopause but had quit due to negative effects. According to the statement:

“Due to perimenopause, Nikki experienced massive side effects such as brain fog, and restless sleep, and was using HRT to help but this was giving her intense headaches, forcing Nikki to quit taking the HRT thinking it may have helped her but only ended up precipitating this crisis.”

Was Nicola Bulley Suffering From Depression Her Health Issues Detailed

Bulley’s alcohol problems, according to the authorities, were caused by her menstrual disorders. They said:

“Unfortunately, it is evident from talking with Paul and the family that Nicola had previously suffered from some major alcohol issues that were brought on by her persistent struggles with menopause, and that these struggles had returned in recent months.”

Bulley’s alcohol problems made her a ‘high-risk’ missing person, according to Lancashire police. The College of Policing defines a high-risk missing person as “someone in danger of serious damage to themselves or the public and needing the prompt deployment of police resources,” according to The Guardian.

Authorities Released Bulley’s Personal Information!

Authorities have been heavily criticized for releasing personal information on Bulley. Suella Braverman, the home secretary, voiced alarm about a ‘strange’ move reported by Lancashire police.

She reportedly demanded an explanation from top personnel and was unhappy with their reply.

Dame Vera Baird criticized the police’s choice to release medical information regarding Bulley as ‘dreadful’.

Baird, who will leave her position as victims’ commissioner in 2022, told BBC Radio 4:

“I’m afraid this is the biggest mistake I’ve seen in a long time. It’ll just, you know, sadly, destroy trust in the police even further.

It’s a terrible mistake to put this in the public domain for nothing, and I’m afraid I think it’s as sexist as it gets.”

Was Nicola Bulley Suffering From Depression Her Health Issues Detailed

Bulley’s family stated they were aware of Lancashire Police’s decision but would not clarify whether they agreed with it.

The family has asked that rumors and speculation about Bulley’s personal life be stopped:

“While we know Nikki would not have wanted it, people are speculating and threatening to sell tales about her. This is terrible and must be stopped.”

Det Supt Becky Smith criticized the social media speculation, claiming that it had diverted authorities’ attention.

“Some of it has been fairly shocking and extremely painful for the family,” she said. Smith advised people to continue assisting with the inquiry while not spreading misleading information:

“We’re very, really thankful to members of the public for ringing into the inquiry, we wouldn’t have gone this far without everybody’s cooperation. But it’s also clear that we’re being assaulted with misleading information, accusations, and rumors, which is distracting us from our work.”

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