What Happened to Robyn Brown’s Ex-husband David Preston Jessop?


David Preston Jessop is best known as the ex-husband of reality TV star Robyn Brown. They married in June 1999 and divorced in 2007, following which David disappeared from public view.

Jessop filed for divorce from the popular reality TV star after seven and a half years of marriage and three children.

Robyn married her current spouse, Kody Brown, almost seven years after her divorce was finalized.

The same cannot be true for David, who has stayed out of the spotlight with the exception of when he was arrested for assault.

Was Robyn Brown’s First Husband David Preston Jessop?

Robyn Sullivan’s first husband was David Preston Jessop. On October 9, 1978, the TV personality who is now a part of the Sister Wives reality show was born. Her birthplace is Leah, Utah, and she was born into a polygamous family.

When David and Robyn met, she was still a student, however, the level of education she had at the time was not indicated.

According to what we’ve collected, David must’ve approached her at some time, and she became pregnant in 1999, at the age of 20.

What Happened to Robyn Brown's Ex-husband David Preston Jessop

Within the same year, David Jessop and Robyn Brown married, which she claims was motivated by the pregnancy rather than genuine love.

On January 16, 2000, they had their first child. Robyn, however, opted to end their marriage after more than seven years of marriage due to domestic abuse.

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They Divorced Due to Allegations of Domestic Violence

According to the TV personality, she was upset when she found out she was pregnant, but she chose to go on and try to make the relationship work.

She devoted the rest of her life to that quest, and while their marriage never got off to a good start, things only got worse as time passed.

Robyn Brown claims she suffered heavily during her marriage and that her husband, David, was abusive to her and their children. After a year and a half, the couple separated and divorced.

What Happened to Robyn Brown's Ex-husband David Preston Jessop

David Preston Jessop, on the other hand, mentioned nothing about the two’s quarrel. In fact, he appeared to be determined to avoid all media attention.

He gave no interviews, and despite several opportunities to explain his side of the tale, he never did.

A source close to David reportedly stated that the last thing David Preston would want was for his children’s lives to be televised and shown in public.

Robyn Brown and David Preston Jessop Had Three Children Together

The ex-couple had three children during their marriage. David Preston Jessop Jr, now known as Dayton Brown, is their first son, conceived before their marriage.

On January 16, 2000, he was born. Aurora Alice, their second child, and first daughter were born on June 4, 2002. Breanna Rose, their second daughter and third child, was born on October 7, 2005.

What Happened to Robyn Brown's Ex-husband David Preston Jessop

All three children have been adopted by Robyn’s new husband, family patriarch Kody Brown. According to the Browns, David had been absent from his children’s lives for a long time and had spent little time with them.

Kody’s other wife, Meri Brown, stated in a tweet around the time of the adoption that the children had not seen their biological father in almost two years.

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The youngsters appear to have embraced the transition as well and have already taken the ‘Brown’ surname informally.

Robyn has previously stated that her children were mistreated by their father during their time together, which may explain why three of them were involved in the adoption procedure with their mother.

What Happened to David Jessop?

David Preston Jessop was last in the news in 2018 when he was arrested for committing bodily harm to a family member. This happened on January 12th. On January 16, 2018, he was released four days later.

In August of that year, David pled not guilty to the charge, which was eventually reduced to disorderly conduct. He was then sentenced to fines.

Where is David Jessop Now?

David Preston Jessop is now living off the grid in Montana. It is unknown if he has married or gotten into a new relationship since his divorce roughly 15 years ago.

He no longer has a traceable social media profile on any of the platforms and is no longer a member of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) church where the ‘Sister Wives’ worship.

In the meantime, his ex-wife Robyn Brown has married Kody Brown. Kody Brown, Robyn’s current husband, was born on January 17, 1969.

He is the patriarch of the Brown family, which is featured on TLC’s Sister Wives. Robyn and Kody initially met at a party in the summer of 2009, while Robyn was with her friend, Meri Barber (Kody’s first wife). They began communicating after that.

The passion that developed between them quickly led to their marriage on May 22, 2010. Their marriage couldn’t be legal until 2014 when Kody and Meri Brown formally got divorced in September while remaining ‘spiritually married’.

This allowed Kody and Robyn to be legally married and for Robyn’s three children to be adopted.

Robyn and Kody have two further children, Ariella and Solomon Brown. This means she has five children in all, in addition to the 18 children from Kody’s four spouses.

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