Why is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast? Where Is He Now?


Josh Richards is an internet personality who co-hosts the BFFS Podcast with David Portnoy.

He is a media influencer that has a large following; he now has 2.25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is also active on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, where he frequently includes sports content, dancing, lip-syncing, humor, and video skits.

The co-host of the BFFS podcast has appeared in films such as Brother’s Keeper, Summertime Dropouts, and the upcoming Dream Scenario.

Richards is well-known for his material; read his essay to discover more about the most current news update and give your comments.

Is Josh Richards Quitting the BFFS Podcast? People are interested in learning why Richards left the show.

Why Is Josh Richards Quitting the BFFS Podcast?

Josh Richards posted a video to YouTube titled “I’M LEAVING BFF’S PODCAST BECAUSE OF THIS.”

Some thought he would leave the show after the video was posted, but he has not stated if he will attend.

Richards stated that he has no friends and that after podcasts and other activities, he always returns home feeling lonely.

When Richards first started podcasting, he thought he’d be able to become friends and discuss things with them, but people couldn’t be friends during the interview.

The reason could be a lack of friends, but he will not be leaving anytime soon. Some have noted that if he attends the concert, things will be different.

Why is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast What Happened to Him

The BFFS podcast audience has praised his performance and style of hosting the show, and female fans love his voice.

Hopefully, Richards will not leave the program anytime soon; he has yet to reveal about moving on to other platforms, and he may use the title to get additional exposure, as many YouTubers do.

Although he has stated that he will leave it in the title of the video, there is no message about attending the show if you watch the entire film.

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Fans requested clarification and raised queries through the comment area, Is he going to depart or not?

Hopefully, he will make everything plain in his future YouTube video.

What Happened to Josh Richards, and Where Is He Now?

Fans who saw his video about leaving the show became upset and began asking questions on the Internet.

The video has also been shared on other platforms, and some have speculated that he may leave the show and are interested in where he will go next.

Richards’ health has been fine; he has just indicated that he is lonely and has no buddies.

Why is Josh Richards Leaving BFFS Podcast? What Happened to Him

The co-host will continue to appear on the show and will introduce himself as usual; you may locate his Tiktok and YouTube videos as usual.

Nothing terrible has happened to his health, and he will not be leaving the program anytime soon.

Richards is a famous celebrity with over 6 million Instagram followers; if he were not doing well, he would have shared his health status with his followers.

Therefore, to be more specific, the internet personality with millions of followers is not going anywhere and is doing well with his health.

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