Four Good Days Release Date: Where to Watch This Amazing Movie?


Addictions are not in the closest iota synonymous with something calming. While addiction to mobile phones can still induce some hope to be cured; drug addiction?

Well, that’s a catastrophe for someone’s entire existence. Even today when scientific developments have reached their summit, a proper cure still seems to be in some multiverse.

Amidst the myriads of realistic themes, the cinematic universe has never receded from portraying something sensitive like drug addiction on the silver screen.

And it hasn’t done any bad apart from doing good like planting the seed of hope and affirmation that things will be alright.

The very new show Four Good Days is one such show that caught the hearts ever since its release. Didn’t have any idea about this? Well, then let’s dive right into its content.

About Four Good Days  

Directed and produced by Rodrigo Garcia, Four Good Days is an American drama film of 2020 based on the true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and writer of Washington Post- Eli Saslow.

It’s a brilliant articulation of the emotional journey of 31-year-old Molly who begs her alienated mother to help her in the battle against heroin addiction, something that has absolutely derailed her life.

After all, a mother’s heart! Deb throws herself into the ultimate opportunity that life has given her, to save her beloved daughter from the ruthless grip of drug addiction.

Four Good Days Release Date

Four Good Days Release Date

Vertical Entertainment released it in a limited release on April 30, 2021, followed by a video on demand on May 21, 2021.

The film’s main track “Somehow You Do” was nominated for Best Original Song at the 94th Academy Awards. It was shot entirely on-site in Temecula, California.

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Four Good Days: Star Cast

Well, this 2020 film ticks off all the parameters that ever exist for a stunning film to hit the theatres. Apart from all these factors, a major factor that allures the audience is its casting.

A pillar of the cinematic universe in the truest sense, casting determines even the success and failure of a film. So how strong is the casting of Four Good Days? Let’s check the listicle out!

  • Carla Gallo as Ashley
  • Mila Kunis as Molly
  • Gloria Garayua as Detox Receptionist
  • Joshua Leonard as Sean
  • Pam Cook as Waitress
  • Emanuel Loarca as Lookout
  • Glenn Close as Deb
  • Stephen Root as Chris
  • Violet Brinson as Sammy
  • Audrey Lynn as Chloe
  • Rebecca Tilney as Spa Client
  • Carlos Lacamara as Dr. Ortiz
  • Kim Delgado as Dentist
  • Nicholas Oteri as Corey
  • Rebecca Field as Coach Miller
  • Erica Burns as Kendra Kirsebom
  • Gabriela Flores as Student
  • Chad Lindberg as Eric

Four Good Days: Plot

The protagonist of Four Good Days is a young woman named Molly who has turned to her mother, Deb, for support as she battles her heroin addiction to keep out of this mess.

Deb chooses to give her daughter one final chance, despite her initial hesitation because she has previously been let down by her.

Molly has a severe case of heroin addiction, and her mother is the only person who can assist her. Deb doesn’t trust Molly because of her past and her lack of commitment to detox.

Four Good Days Release Date

The narrative is really moving and brilliantly written to depict the dysfunctional relationship between a drug-addicted daughter and her mother.

Streaming Platform 

No, the film is not yet a part of Netflix’s vast catalog, but yes, it offers plenty of alternatives that you may watch instead- Divines, Yes Man, The Impossible, 6 Balloons, Defiance, and Greater are some of the films with a closer inclination to this.

The movie is also not streamable with an Amazon Prime membership, but you may rent or buy it from the same website and watch it later.

Four Good Days is currently streaming on Hulu. So, if you are a new subscriber to Hulu, you may also view the movie for free during your 7-day trial.

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Along with Hulu, the movie is also available to rent or buy on VUDU, Prime Video, Spectrum, and Apple TV.

Summing It Up

Well; the ones who are running a little short of companions, films, and series are your perfect buddies! Just fix up your space, create a cozy ambiance, get a tub of caramel popcorn, slip into your comfy pajamas, and voila!

Your weekend is all set! A film like this might not make you roll on the floor laughing. But then again, how long can one dwell in the bubble all things are fine?

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