Is Outer Banks Star Chase Stokes Dating Kelsea Ballerini? Know About His Past Dating History!


Following his breakup from Outer Banks co-star Madelyn Cline, fans are dying to know who Chase Stokes‘ girlfriend is, especially as recent romance rumors spread around the actor and a certain country artist.

Here’s the latest on Chase’s current and previous relationships.

The internet can’t get enough of celebrity romance rumors. Whether it’s who Selena Gomez is seeing or the latest on Dua Lipa’s boyfriend issue, people want to know and will figure out if there’s a new celebrity pairing afoot.

This brings us back to John B. (aka Chase Stokes). After he and Glass Onion’s Madelyn split, breaking the hearts of Outer Banks fans all across the world, he went a little quiet on the love front.

But now it appears that we have some new and exciting information!

The celebrity zeitgeist is blazing with a suspicion that Chase Stokes is currently dating country pop diva Kelsea Ballerini—with Chase adding fuel to the fire with a lovely display of support after she was named as SNL’s next musical guest!

Is the couple genuinely dating? Here are the facts, as well as a summary of Chase’s entire dating history.

Who is Chase Stokes’ Girlfriend?

So, who exactly is Chase Stokes dating? According to rumors, Chase is presently dating singer Kelsea Ballerini.

After Chase published a carousel on Instagram with a picture of him looking cozy with a girl at a football game and while we could only see the back of the mystery women’s head Chase went on to tag Kelsea in the image. So much for mystery women.

Chase then appeared to confirm the relationship to TMZ after being questioned about her, saying: “She’s a lovely young lady. All I’ll say is that we’re having a fantastic time.”

Kelsea, on the other hand, has denied the allegations, turning to TikTok in reaction to Deumoix—the popular, anonymous gossip account—who tweeted ‘blind things’ about their possible relationship.

Is Outer Banks Star Chase Stokes Dating Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea said in her video: “I know. I know. I know. I know. ‘Stop reading, stop reading [and] stop seeing,’ I know, but what is going on, you guys? What? What? No. Let’s not do this, okay?” “I’m about to break up with the internet 5 sure,” she said before captioning her video.

But wait, Chase has fueled the speculations again. During a red-carpet interview with Extra(opens in new tab) on February 17, the actor shared his delight at her confirmation as SNL’s musical guest in March, saying: “She is a wonderful person.

I love her to the moon and back. This is a turning point for her. So I’m simply extremely proud of her.”

Thus, while there is no solid proof that the couple is dating, keep an eye on things.

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Who Has Chase Stokes Dated in the Past?

Chase dated Outer Banks co-star Madelyn Cline previous to this latest romantic development, as fans are aware.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

Chase and Madelyn reportedly spent time together before making their love Instagram official in June 2020.

After dating for a year, the couple had a hot onstage kiss after winning Best Kiss at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Is Outer Banks Star Chase Stokes Dating Kelsea Ballerini

Unfortunately, by October 2021, rumors began to circulate that Chase and Madelyn had broken up, and despite some reunion claims particularly with the couple being back on set together for Outer Banks season three they have remained separated.

Nevertheless, despite some speculation about Madelyn Cline’s romantic life, the actress is now single.

Xiomara Montalvo and Chase Stokes

Before his famous connection with Madelyn, Chase was in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart, Xiomara Montalvo, according to Elite Daily.

While Chase did not name Xiomara in a 2020 interview with New York Magazine’s The Strategist, he did hint at a decade-long romance, saying: “I went through a breakup a little bit before quarantine, and it was with somebody I’d been with for over 10 years.”

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