Is “Doctor Who” Actor Ncuti Gatwa Open About His Sexuality? Is He Gay Or Not? 


Ncuti Gatwa rose to prominence as gay student Eric Effiong on Netflix’s Se* Education a role he sadly revealed on Wednesday, 8 February that he would leave after series four before being named the new Doctor, the first Black actor to perform the role on television.

Speaking on Variety’s podcast after his casting was confirmed in 2022, actor Neil Patrick Harris praised Gatwa, stating it is “very amazing” since the Rwandan-Scottish actor will be the “first gay Doctor”.

Although it is unclear whether Harris was referring to Gatwa’s se*uality or that of his character, many fans have embraced the actor as LGBTQ+ since.

While it’s clear from his moving portrayal of Effiong that his followers believe Gatwa is gay in real life, he has never openly explored his se*uality.

Ncuti Gatwa built a reputation for himself by playing an iconic LGBTQ+ character, but after remarks that he’s become Doctor Who’s “first gay Doctor,” it’s time to clear up any confusion about the actor’s se*uality.

What Has Ncuti Gatwa Said About His LGBTQ+ Roles?

Ncuti Gatwa has often praised his character on Se* Education and the positivity of playing a gay, Black kid, saying that he hopes his role would inspire other young Black men and boys.

“It’s really nice to have a gay character, a Black guy, be at the forefront of this tale on a program like this, that has the reach it does on Netflix,” he said of Se* Education.

“It matters, I hope, that other little Black guys throughout the world can say, ‘Oh, Eric is like this, and it’s cool,'” he added. It is critical that we enable various people to inhabit these spaces.

“Eric is also a driving force in his own story, which I’m quite pleased of.”

He went on to say that diversity in television and cinema isn’t about “ticking boxes,” but about leveling the playing field.

“When we do that, we can show other people’s lives and experiences and display things like see? It’s not all that frightening!” Gatwa stated.

Is 'Doctor Who' Stars Ncuti Gatwa Publicly Disclosed His Sexuality

“Sometimes you do need to be like – ‘has this voice been heard? No’.”

Queer fans have praised Gatwa’s hiring on Doctor Who, as well as the announcement that Russell T Davies will be overseeing the show’s new era, and are eager to see him in action.

Although Gatwa has not indicated if his portrayal will address the Doctor’s se*uality, he has made it plain that the program means a lot to “marginalized people”.

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“The position is so deeply embedded in British culture and the fiber of Britishness that as a Rwandan immigrant to the nation, it simply seems extremely strong,” he told Deadline.

“[Doctor Who] matters for people of color, for marginalized people, who really gravitate towards the program because it’s about friendship and it’s about adventure, and it’s about union and unity.

“Since the Doctor can transform into anything or anyone, the possibilities are limitless.”

The Danger of Assuming Celebrity Se*ualities

While LGBTQ+ TV fans have accepted Gatwa for his part as a gay student in Se* Education, it’s critical that fans avoid pressuring celebrities about their se*uality, with Heartstopper’s Kit Connor claiming he was “forced” to come out of the closet in 2022 due to fan speculation.

Connor rose to prominence as bise*ual student Nick Nelson in Netflix’s gay teen program Heartstopper.

The actor briefly removed himself from Twitter after a video of him holding hands with a female actress led to allegations of “queerbaiting” – a word normally attributed to TV shows that tease LGBTQ+ content but don’t deliver, rather than actual people.


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He then tweeted that he was “forced” to come out as bise*ual at the age of 18.

“No actor should be forced into this position,” writer Mark Harris stated after the event.

“It is no less harmful when done by a fandom that pretends to be righteous about whether someone should be permitted to perform a role or speak in specific words,” he continued.

Even while Gatwa has played LGBTQ+ characters flawlessly in the past, it is not up to viewers to guess on what this signifies for the actor’s se*uality in real life.

It remains to be seen whether Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor will be homose*ual on television, but he cannot be called “the first gay Doctor” until the actor himself discusses his se*uality.

Instead, fans should focus on Gatwa’s growing acting career, with the actor set to appear in both Doctor Who and Series 4 of Se* Education this year!

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