Who Is Taylor Frankie Paul? Why Did TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested?


Taylor Frankie Paul, a TikTok star who is also a Mormon, has been arrested. Yes, you heard correctly; the famous Tiktok content producer was arrested.

Once the news of Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest aired, it has been all over the press. In the interval, his fans and following have been interested in what happened.

The news of Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest has sparked a number of inquiries. What charges did Taylor Frankie Paul face upon his arrest?

There are a number of queries being conducted. Hence, we decided to write an article to answer the questions of internet users.

In the sections that follow, we will examine this story in depth. So, you must read the next sections. Scroll down the page and examine the sections that appear below.

Taylor Frankie Paul: Who Is She?

It’s surprising to learn that Taylor Frankie Paul has been arrested. So what exactly were the charges against her?

Let us introduce you to Taylor Frankie Paul before we answer this question. She is a Mormon influencer known for her daring Tiktok videos.

She frequently shoots videos in bikinis. Another thing that made her famous is the s*x controversy. In the past, the TikTok celebrity was involved in a scandal.

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This is why she is so well-known. Taylor Frankie Paul, on the other hand, has built a large fan base on Tiktok.

About Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest, the Tiktok singer was reportedly arrested on alleged domestic violence charges.

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Indeed, she was a victim of domestic violence. Taylor Frankie Paul, who rose to stardom on Tiktok, joined #MomTok and created entertaining material for her social media followers.

More About Taylor Frankie Paul 

The Mormon influencer was arrested on charges of domestic assault, but she was eventually released. Even so, details about the bond and the court hearing are unknown at this time.

Many people are searching for news about Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest on the internet. There is no official report or statement from Taylor Frankie Paul’s side.

As a result, we were unable to go deeply into this subject. But we have something vital for you. Continue reading this column to find out more about her.

Taylor Frankie Paul was previously married to Tate Paul, but the couple split when Taylor Frankie Paul was involved in a soft-swinging scandal.


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Taylor Frankie Paul was involved in an s*x controversy, which caused Tate Paul and Taylor Paul’s split. Following her divorce from Tate Paul, the TikTok star dated Dakota Mortensen.

Furthermore, it has been stated that Taylor Frankie Paul ended her 6-month relationship with Dakota Mortensen.

Taylor Frankie Paul is the mother of two children with her ex. Dakota and Taylor reportedly had an ectopic pregnancy.

Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest, the news of her detained arose after Taylor posted a video on Tiktok.

According to the video, she attended a Valentine’s Day party where everyone dressed up as their type. The video’s remarks describe what transpired that night.

Taylor Frankie Paul, according to the video, was involved in domestic violence with her boyfriend Dakota. They were both screaming at each other.

Why did Taylor Frankie Paul Arrest

Taylor Frankie Paul allegedly threw a chair at her partner, but it struck another person. Thus, her partner called the police, who arrested her on allegations of domestic violence.

This was the issue. Even so, it remains unclear what the source of the dispute between them was. We are still doing research and study on this topic.

We will update this section after we have collected reliable information and report updates. But, social media users are reacting to this news. Examine the user responses in the forthcoming sections.

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Domestic violence in the presence of a child, one person wrote. (One of three charges) This is heartbreaking.

As if her children hadn’t already been through enough. I would never have guessed this from her. Another said, She actually needs help she’s so chaotic she needs to visit a mental health expert Quickly or she’s going to wind up with nothing.

Several people believe Taylor should avoid social media in light of the recent occurrence.

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