Is Perfect Match Stars Damien and Francesca Still in a Relationship? What Happened Between Them?


Are Damian and Francesca dating? Perfect Match has aired its first four episodes, and viewers are witnessing romantic ties among the most popular single participants, including a possible match between a participant from Love Is Blind and another from Too Hot To Handle.

People want to know Are Damian And Francesca Together, therefore start reading this post and learn about Are Damian And Francesca Together.

Who Are Damien And Francesca?

In the Perfect Match series, there are two characters named Damien and Francesca. Damian Powers is a reality television star who starred in the Netflix series Love Is Blind.

Francesca Farago is a reality television star who participated in Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

After being seen exiting a restaurant in Los Angeles hand-in-hand in 2020, the two were thought to be romantically linked, and they both later starred in the Netflix series Perfect Match.

After appearing on screen together, Francesca Farago and Damian Powers claimed they were not a couple, which startled everyone. As of this writing, two seasons of Love Is Blind are now accessible on Netflix.

Are Damian and Francesca Dating?

Perfect Match’s first four episodes have aired, and fans are witnessing romantic connections among the most popular singles.

Farago featured briefly in the reunion episode of Love Is Blind’s first season, which aired in 2020, where she attended a party with Powers while he was still in a relationship with Giannina Gibelli.

Powers was suspected of cheating on Gibelli with Farago, but this was never verified, and Farago was last seen leaving the gathering alone.

Damian, who appeared on the show as well, denied any romantic relationship with Farago and maintained that they were merely friends.

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Despite their previous denials of anything meaningful between them, Farago states to Dom in the current season of Perfect Match that she wants to take the initiative to bring Damian to the home.

On Love is Blind, What Happened Between Damian and Francesa?

They speculate. On Love Is Blind, what happened between Damian and Francesa? According to the information collected, Francesca Farago briefly appeared with Damian Powers, who was in a relationship with Giannina Gibelli at the time, on Love Is Blind’s reunion show in 2020.

Are Damian and Francesca Dating

Many speculated that Powers had cheated on Gibelli with Farago, although this was never verified. Farago was observed leaving the Love Is Blind celebration by himself, and their relationship status was unknown.

Is Francesca and Damian Dating Again?

On the blockbuster show Love Is Blind, Damian Powers proposed to Giannina Gibelli, but he ultimately left her standing at the altar.

They reconnected a few hours after their broadcast break-up, but their relationship did not last.

Meanwhile, after they were seen leaving a restaurant hand-in-hand in Los Angeles in August 2020, reports began to surface that Powers was romantically linked with Francesca Farago, who appeared on Too Hot to Handle.

Farago was initially matched with Dom Gabriel from The Mole on Perfect Match, and they were doing well until the fourth episode.

Are Damian and Francesca Dating

Farago and Gabriel went on a one-on-one date after winning a compatibility challenge and then chose two men to invite onto the show.

Farago explained to Gabriel that she and Powers were simply friends and that nothing had happened between them previously.

She startled Gabriel, though, by expressing a wish to go on a date with Powers, and the fourth episode ended with Farago walking towards Powers on the beach for their one-on-one date.

Fans will have to wait until the fifth episode to find out who Farago chooses to pair with.

Are Damien and Francesca Still in a Relationship?

Francesca is in a relationship with Dom until the fourth episode when they take control of the “board,” which allows them to match other couples.

When it comes to choosing who should go on a date, Francesca surprises Dom, the rest of the house, and the viewers by requesting she goes on a date with Damian.

She reveals that she believes she missed out on a love relationship with Damian as a result of the Love is Blind drama and his involvement with Giannina.

Francesca adds that, like Damian, their relationship had been strictly platonic, with no kissing.

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