Summer House Actress Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber!


Danielle Olivera’s confirmation of her separation from Robert Sieber in an interview has thrown ‘Summer House’ viewers for a loop.

There have been rumors about the couple’s relationship state for quite some time, and they all confirm the rumors.

Robert Sieber and Danielle Olivera Have Ended Their Relationship

Danielle Olivera has been dating chef Robert Sieber for the past two and a half years, and they are now splitting up after two and a half years of dating.

The couple split up in November, according to the former in a recent interview with E! magazine.

Despite the fact that they are not hostile to one another, she noted that it was difficult for her to date someone who had to travel a lot for his job owing to the distance involved.

Several images of the couple continue to appear in each other’s Instagram grids on both accounts. There have been no updates on Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber’s romance, which has been going on for two and a half years.

“We split up in November, which is still difficult to say out. It’s sad, but I’m slowly but steadily finding my happiness.

I have many wonderful pals, including the girls on the show. “They’ve been really sweet to me,” the Bravo actress stated to E! News.

'summer House' Actress Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

“There’s still a lot of love and mutual respect there, but it just wasn’t working out,” Danielle admitted. “If we can’t be happy together, we have to be happy separately.”

Robert’s high-demand job as a chef in the Colorado resort town of Aspen, according to the NYC-based reality star, played a role in the separation.

“Our relationship obviously suffered a bit because there wasn’t enough time, and I would keep things in, and then they would explode in the wrong ways.

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I’m not the easiest person to be in a relationship with—I’m awesome—but I also have high expectations. His career has been incredible, and I am extremely proud of him.

Is there anything I would change? That’s true, but that’s life.” It’s just the way things are, as she stated.

‘Summer House’ Star Danielle Olivera’s Relationship

Danielle Olivera was reportedly approached by Robert Sieber via Instagram in July 2020, but she was rejected due to his DMs.

Three weeks later, shortly before they began filming Pandemic House, she met him for the first time. Despite the fact that the reality star’s life was chaotic at the time, Sieber was persistent in getting her to date him.

Olivera relocated to Charleston to be with Sieber when they were dating. Yet, due to Sieber’s professional commitment, Olivera was forced to relocate to New York due to the latter’s expectations.

'summer House' Actress Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

When asked about her relationship during an interview in July 2022, she stated, “We have such a fantastic balance, so it never feels public — because once it does, you might do stuff in the relationship that isn’t real to the connection.”

Olivera and Sieber were last seen together in October 2022 at BravoCon, a convention in San Francisco. It was not going well.

“It just wasn’t working out,” Danielle stated in an interview with E. It stinks because there is no animosity. It’s simply unfortunate that we couldn’t figure it out.”

Robert Sieber: Who Is He?

In 2021, it was claimed that Robert Sieber appeared on Summer House in the episode Crawl Me Maybe. Via his position at The Snow Lodge, he is able to reside in Montauk.

This is due to the fact that he owns an Aspen restaurant. He is currently dividing his time between Aspen and New York.

Sieber worked at Breakers Montauk’s Café and Bar before opening Breakers Montauk. Cook, who began his pastime seriously at a young age, has even had the honor of cooking with the famous Chef.

David Cook has taught him a lot about Asian food and inspired him over the years.

The romance had the feel of a fairy tale. Their love story had undoubtedly had a tremendous impact on the world, therefore the news of their demise was a huge sadness to everyone who had supported them.

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