What Happened to Grlwood and What Did They Do? Explore Lead Singer Bio!


Fans are curious about what happened to Grlwood, the scream pop band, after the controversy, and what they are doing now. Continue reading to learn more about the controversial band.

GRLwood is a two-piece queerdo band from Kentucky. They like to refer to themselves as ScreamPop. The band performs songs from several genres, including indie rock, queercore, and riot grrrl.

The Indie rock band was created in August 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. GRLwood immediately gained an extensive fan following when it first arrived on the Louisville music scene.

The band is made up of Rej Forester, vocalist/guitarist, and drummer Karen Ledford.

They are known as a band that lives for itself, and their debut album, Daddy, was published in June 2018 by sonaBLAST! Records.

What Happened to Grlwood and What Did They Do?

As the scream pop band hit their peak, the drummer accused the lead singer of rapping them.

The drummer shared her confession on both her personal and the band’s Instagram accounts. Karen announced on social media that she was leaving the band in 2020, only days after accusing Rej of se*ual assault.

In a blog post, the singer reacted to the charges, stating that they had a physical relationship in the past but that she never pushed herself on her.

Forester would always seek permission from the other band member, as her verbal agreement was required due to her past trauma.

What Happened to Grlwood and What Did They Do

Karen claims she was raped while they were in a car after leaving Cincinnati.

They talked about it even before the accusations were made public. They did, however, continue to perform as a band. They did, however, quit becoming physical a long time ago.

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The drummer left the band after the incident, but the singer stayed and found a new drummer. Supporters were divided on how to interpret the scenario. Nobody knows for sure what happened between them.

Karen takes on the new name “Eliza” after leaving the band, and she continues to compose songs for Rej. Forester and drummer Mia Morris make up GRLwood’s current lineup.

Grlwood’s Lead Singer Bio-Explored

GRLwood began as a solo project in 2017 by Rej Forester, a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She is also well-known for her gaming abilities.

Foretser’s precise birth date is uncertain, but she is thought to be in her early thirties. She was born in the United States and thus has American citizenship.


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The songwriter is of mixed heritage and follows Religion. In terms of her current relationship status, she is single.

Rej’s family information and educational background are kept private. As a result, there is no information on the subject. The singer prefers to keep her personal life private.

According to SG, the lead singer’s net worth in 2021 is predicted to be between $200K and $500K. Despite this, she has yet to submit official figures confirming her net worth in 2023.

Grlwood’s Musical Career Timeline

SonaBLAST! Recordings and Audiotree have signed the band. The band has four albums out till 2023: Roommate Wanted, I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 13, Rent, and their debut album.

They’ve also put out EPs such as the 2 Fags demo and I Need to Get Off My Phone. They also released the singles Bisexual, Vaccines Turned Me Gay, Freakout, and I Hate My Mom.

The queercore band’s next single, “Keep It Average,” was released in November 2022.

Glenwood has appeared in a variety of publications, including NPR, AV Club, Pandora Blog, Wussy Mag, Billboard, BTRtoday, and others.

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