In the Film Good Omens, Who Portrays Hastur?


The high-ranking Demon Hastur, Duke of Hell, appears in Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s novel Good Omens. On the book, on the series is based. The Amazon series features him in five of the episodes.

Hastur is a Duke of Hell who kills with a ruthless and unending joy that appears to come through even in hell, which is truly saying something. He has a very cruel disposition and enjoys it greatly.

As they give the antichrist to Crowley, who is portrayed by David Tennent (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), at the Order of Chattering Nuns of St. Beryl, in the first episode, Hastur and Ligur (Ariyon Bakare) are introduced to us.

The Chattering Nuns of St. Beryl are eventually disbanded by Hastur once the Antichrist is switched. He also queries Crowley’s genuine allegiances and goals. Hastur eventually learns that Crowley has been collaborating with Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale (Underworld, Masters of Sex, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn), which confirms his belief that Crowley has softened.

Hastur eventually summons Crowley back to Hell to stand trial for the offenses he has perpetrated against both Hell and other demons. In Good Omens, we all know how that ended up for him.

In the Film Good Omens, Who Portrays Hastur?

Actor Ned Dennehy, who is British and Irish, plays Hastur. Ned is well-known for playing Lionel Brown in Outlander and Charlie Strong in Peaky Blinders.

Ned Dennehy consistently astounds the audience with his quite eerie and unsettling portrayal of Hastur throughout the series. This was ideal for his character in Good Omens and will ensure he is remembered for this role for a very long time.

In the Film Good Omens, Who Portrays Hastur

How British-Irish Actor Ned Dennehy Started His Career?

Actor Ned Dennehy, who is British and Irish, debuted in the early 2000s. After receiving his training at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, he started working in Irish and British theatre plays.

In the 2005 film “Middletown,” which was based in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, he played his first significant film role. During the same period, he made guest appearances on “Pulling Moves” and “The Clinic,” two TV shows.

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Dennehy’s breakthrough performance as Tommy in the critically acclaimed film “Eden” in 2008 marked the beginning of his career. Since then, he has made appearances in a variety of well-known TV shows and motion pictures, such as “Peaky Blinders,” “Good Omens,” “Sherlock,” and “The Terror.”

Dennehy is renowned for his acting range and capacity to convey diverse characters. Additionally, he has kept up his theatre career and has won praise from critics for his performances in plays including “The Pillowman” and “The Seafarer.”

Overall, Ned Dennehy’s career has been characterized by a blend of talent, hard work, and a readiness to accept a variety of difficult roles in both theatre and film.

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