Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together? How Did Mitchell and Chloe From “Perfect Match” End Up?


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We are aware of the amount of interest that fans have in the romantic lives of their favorite celebrity couples, and we are here to bring you the latest news. Is Chloe’s relationship with Mitchell still going strong?

In this post, we will reveal all of the juicy details and analyze where their relationship stands at present. Join us as we delve into the world of Chloe and Mitchell’s romance, regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan or just interested in the couple’s story

Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together?

Chloe from Perfect Match has experience utilizing reality television to locate “the one,” having appeared in Too Hot to Handle and The Circle season 2. She will however continue to look for her “ideal partner” despite her two prior failures at finding it on television. After all, a third attempt works a charm!

One of the 23 candidates on Netflix’s most recent dating program, Perfect Match, which has been showing on the streaming service every Tuesday since Valentine’s Day 2023, is Chloe Veitch. Perfect Match becomes extremely competitive and chaotic because only 10 singles can enter the home at once to search for love.

That’s even before you consider the return of other beloved reality stars from popular Netflix programs like Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and Love is Blind, as well as the extra-special component of Mitchell Eason, Chloe’s ex-boyfriend in real life, who is also a part of the Perfect Match group.

Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together? How Did Mitchell and Chloe From "Perfect Match" End Up?

Chloe’s time on Perfect Match wasn’t without its challenges, as you might expect. Chloe experienced a lot, from what at first appeared to be a romantic relationship with her “ideal match” Shayne Jansen to the complicated appearance

How Did Mitchell and Chloe From “Perfect Match” End Up?

Before we reveal Chloe’s Ideal Mate, let’s recap their relationship. Chloe entered The Circle to win after making her appearance in Too Hot to Handle season 1. Initially, Chloe like his wife DeLeesa St. Agathe’s portrayal of catfish Trevor on The Circle.

Chloe concentrated on Mitchell in episode five because he joined the game following Trevor’s disclosure. They kissed during the reunion. We kissed after the finals, Chloe said in May 2021 to Cosmopolitan(opens in new tab), explaining that she and Mitch had not disclosed their relationship because of the distance.

Labeling is prevented by distance. But we have a romantic relationship. We shall see. It was assumed that the two had chosen to be friends rather than go on dates. But, their Perfect Match date conversation reveals a fleeting love affair.

Mitchell claims that Chloe and he split up six months before filming in Perfect Match. When Perfect Match was recorded and how it affected real-life relationships will be revealed.

Are Chloe and Mitchell Still Together? How Did Mitchell and Chloe From "Perfect Match" End Up?

As much as Chloe admits she loved Mitchell, “he started to get uncomfortable about me and him not having sex, knowing that I had previously had intercourse because he is a virgin,” she says.

Despite his troubles with commitment, Mitchell tells Chloe he wants to give it another shot. Mitchell says to Chloe in episode eight, “I am not seeking a relationship right now,” after winning the daily challenge. Yikes! The romance between Chloe and Shayne is ended when Chloe chooses Shayne to go on another date.

Who Else is Dating Chloe From “Perfect Match”?

Chloe was quite flirtatious with David Birtwistle and Bryce Hirschberg on Too Hot To Handle, though she did kiss David through a strawberry to try to get over Lana’s rules, and she ultimately ended up unmarried.

However, The Sun(opens in new tab) reported in June 2022 that Shameless actor Jody Latham was dating Chloe. If this information is accurate, it indicates that Shayne and Chloe were not successful as a pair outside of the show.

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