Is Madonna Dating Josh Popper for Real, or is It a Joke?


Are there any embers between Josh Popper and Madonna? There are rumors that the renowned pop icon and the gorgeous director are dating.

Despite being seen together in public, neither of them has addressed relationship rumors. What’s the scoop, then? To learn more about the potential romance between Josh Popper and Madonna, keep reading.

Is Madonna Dating Josh Poppper?

Is it love made of punch? Page Six has learned from sources that Madonna saw her new man, boxer Joshua Popper, compete on Friday night from the stands.

The superstar reportedly kept a low profile while wearing casual attire and a low baseball cap, and she quickly left after Popper’s fight. He prevailed. Our spy joked, “Madonna doesn’t date losers.

They continued, “She looked good,” expressing their amazement at seeing her looking so beautiful after reading the recent hullabaloo around her, er, strict beauty regimen. They explained, “Her fillers must have settled.

Part of Rings Masters’ Road to the Garden series is the battle at the Vintage Automobile Club at Pier 76.

As Page Six spies aren’t always the most attentive sports fans, let alone when Madonna is there, it’s unclear who the proprietor of Bredwinners Gym engaged in combat with.


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According to a Wednesday Daily Mail article, Popper, who is 35 years younger than the “Material Girl” singer and 29 years old, is dating the singer.

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According to the source, he has been instructing one of her children at his gym in Chelsea. She recently confirmed that she was dating model Andrew Darnell, age 23. Mayhem Lauren, a rapper, and Lauren Conlin, a journalist, and podcaster, were both present for the boxing battle.

The Queen of Pop is also lamenting her brother Anthony’s passing.

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