Chris Rock’s Divorce: The Inside Story You Need to Know!


On the special, Chris Rock didn’t hold back as he discussed the event that grabbed global attention, sarcastically speculating as to whether it genuinely hurt. To hear what he had to say about it, watch the video below.

The comic spoke about his family, including his daughters and ex-wife, in addition to the Will Smith incident. He didn’t hesitate to make several jokes about divorcing Malaak Compton-Rock. So who is Malaak Compton-Rock and why did they break up? All the information is provided for you below.

Who is the Ex-wife of Chris Rock?

The well-known actor and comedian Chris Rock married Malaak Compton-Rock in 1996 after meeting at a celebrity-studded industry party two years earlier. Malaak mainly maintained a low profile and avoided the spotlight while being married to one of the most prominent comedians in the entertainment world.

She did, however, accompany her husband to numerous functions and glitzy red-carpet premieres. Malaak started in the public relations field before switching to a job in humanitarian work before getting married to Chris.

In 2008, she established the Angelrock Project Foundation, a non-profit organization she founded out of her love for humanitarian causes. The organization supports numerous programs and activities to empower women and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In both her professional and personal lives, Malaak’s commitment to philanthropy and humanitarian activity is visible.

What Led to the Divorce of Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-rock?

After nearly two decades of marriage, Malaak and Chris announced their separation in a joint statement in 2014. They made it clear that even though it was a big shift, their children’s welfare came first, and they asked for privacy as they adjusted.


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Although the divorce was finalized in 2016, the cause of the breakup has first kept a secret. In contrast, Chris has come clean about his affairs in the years thereafter, confessing to having an extramarital affair with Malaak in interviews and his Netflix series Tamborine.

He stated plainly, “I deceived. I mean it. I’m not haughty. I deceived. Do you know what happens after that, though? Your wife learns. She is new right now. She will never be the same.”

Chris’s Confession

Chris Rock talked openly about his affairs after the divorce and acknowledged cheating on Malaak. He first revealed it in a Rolling Stone interview, and he later covered it in his Tamborine Netflix special.

“I deceived. I mean it. I’m not haughty. I deceived. Do you know what happens after that, though? Your wife learns. She is new right now. She is no longer the same “said he.

Malaak’s Response

Malaak has not addressed Chris’s adultery in the media, instead concentrating on raising their children. When their daughter Lola was adopted 16 years earlier in 2020, she sent a heartfelt letter via Instagram.

It has been sixteen years since we brought our adorable baby child Lola home, she wrote. “At the same time, it seems like a lifetime ago and likes it was only yesterday. Being Lola’s mother has been my greatest delight and the greatest gift in life.”

Chris Rock's Divorce: The Inside Story You Need to Know

Chris Rock’s Life After Divorce

Chris Rock has continued to work in comedy, acting, and producing after his divorce. Additionally, he has shared publicly his difficulties with addiction and has made use of his platform to promote awareness of mental health concerns.

Malaak has been concentrating on charitable endeavors throughout this time. She established the Angelrock Project to encourage giving back and social responsibility.

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In conclusion, Chris Rock is renowned for his incisive humor and ability to discuss sensitive subjects, including his own life. He wasn’t afraid to joke about his divorce and infidelity in his Netflix special and didn’t hold back. Malaak Compton-Rock, his ex-wife, has kept quiet about their divorce and has instead concentrated on raising their kids and her charitable work.

Chris has continued to work in the entertainment sector despite the breakdown of his marriage, utilizing his position to promote awareness of addiction and mental health problems. Malaak, on the other hand, has prioritized charitable activity, establishing the Angelrock Project to aid initiatives that encourage the empowerment of girls and young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

While the specifics of Chris and Malaak’s divorce may never be known, one thing is certain: both are dedicated to moving forward and, in their ways, having a positive effect on the world. Their commitment to their kids and their separate causes serves as a motivating example of how, even when things don’t go as planned, it is still possible to forge on and make a significant impact.

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