Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023? Get the Latest Scoop Here!


As the actor discusses his breakup with his Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart, find out who Cole Sprouse is dating in 2023. The actor said last week that the breakup was “very terrible for both of us” when he participated in the well-known Call Her Daddy podcast.

It was tough to suspend our entire relationship, he claimed, which is why the job situation became challenging. “And it didn’t give us the room to truly get away from it,”

The actor said, “I know we both did quite a deal of damage to each other, but we’re close friends now, and we work well together,” before admitting that he and Lily had made amends.

They first connected while filming the teen drama in which they play on-screen lovers, and the two dated intermittently from 2017 until the beginning of 2020.

Cole Sprouse is currently contentedly dating someone else. To learn more about her, continue reading.

Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating 2023?

Cole is dating French professional model Ari Fournier, who now resides in Canada. Since she was 15 years old, the 24-year-old has been a model, and she has now signed contracts with Premier Model Management and IMG Models. She spent her upbringing on a farm outside of Montreal, Canada, and now splits her time between Los Angeles and New York.

Ari started a YouTube channel during the pandemic but hasn’t posted anything there in over two years. They celebrated two years of marriage in January. Ari shared a few adorable pictures with the caption, “2 years??! Please explain how time passed so swiftly. This is the only information we have on Cole Sprouse’s 2023 love life.

Inside Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier’s Adorable Relationship

The couple was first associated in March 2021 after being seen holding hands in Vancouver, Canada. They had, however, been dating since January. In July of that year, they made their Instagram account public when Cole tagged his girlfriend in a cute picture.

Together, Cole and Ari frequently walk the red carpet at events and occasionally share photos online. In August 2022, they both wished each other a happy birthday.

The model gushed, “Hard to convey with a few photographs how much fun we have together & how much I enjoy celebrating life every day with you. The world’s luckiest girl, I am,

“The amazing Ari Fournier, happy birthday. my eye’s favorite. my cole’s side dish. The Brussel to my excitement. My starvation is the feast. Baby, I love you. “Two complete circles around the enormous buffet heat light in the sky,” stated Cole.

The couple then celebrated their second anniversary in January. Ari posted some cute images and the following caption: “2 years??! Could someone kindly tell me how it went by so quickly?

Last year, after they were pictured together at Coachella, Lili Reinhart, and actor Spencer Neville were linked. However, it’s unclear whether they ever became together.

Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023 Get the Latest Scoop Here!

Cole Goes Gush Over Ari on the Call to Her Dad

The actor bragged about Ari on Call Her Daddy in addition to his ex-girlfriend. In a manner that I have never experienced before, the relationship he is in right now has made him more aware of what true chemistry and trust look like.

“Two years and some change have passed, but it feels like a week… Just amazing. This amount of compatibility is unprecedented for me, and it has caused me to reflect on my youth and think, “Wow, you didn’t know,” which is crazy.

Also, the 30-year-old stated she gave him the motivation to quit drinking, which he described as “wonderful” for him. The CW has canceled Riverdale, and its last season is scheduled to air before the end of 2023.

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In March 2023, Cole Sprouse Spoke More Openly About the Split With Lili Reinhart!

It was challenging for both Cole and Lili to split ways. To film Riverdale together, they had to face each other for several years. Lili and Cole insisted on continuing to work as the television duo Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper during the day. Because season seven will be the final for the CW drama, they continued to film the series.

Cole unintentionally disclosed some relationship details to Call Her Daddy presenter Alex Cooper before the start of Riverdale Season 7 on the podcast. During their conversation at 55:47, Cole revealed that his connection with Lili went longer than he had hoped. He acknowledged that Riverdale viewers and the general public were pressuring him to stay with his ex.

Cole claims in the podcast that he would have ended his relationship with Lili “a little earlier” if he had loved himself a little more. “I just had the feeling that I had to look out for a lot of people around me, which was not healthy for me. Considering the circumstances, I probably ought to have been a little more self-centered.

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