Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now? Past and Present Relationships Explored!


Tiger Woods is a name that is familiar to almost everyone, both for his amazing abilities on the golf course and for his troubled personal life. In 2010, he went through a divorce that was well reported on, and ever since then, many people have been inquisitive about his dating life.

Who exactly is Tiger Woods dating at this point? In this piece, we are going to investigate the golf legend’s past relationships in addition to taking a look at his present dating status.

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now?

 If you’re a golf enthusiast or just love to keep up with celebrity news, you might have already heard the buzz about Tiger Woods and Erica Herman’s rumored romance. Even though the couple has been keeping things on the down low, rumors and speculations are still making their way around.

It’s been quite a journey for Tiger, but it seems like he’s come a long way, and Elin is glad to see him happy in his newfound relationship with Erica.

Tiger Woods’ Romantic History

Tiger Woods’ love life has been a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs over the years.

The professional golfer has been linked to several women throughout his career, including his former wife Elin Nordegren, and former girlfriends such as Lindsey Vonn and Erica Herman.

Here is a look at Tiger Woods’ past relationships.

1. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now Past and Present Relationships Explored!

Elin Nordegren, a former model, and professional golfer Tiger Woods first met in 2001 and soon after began dating. They got married in a grandiose wedding in 2004 after being engaged in 2003.

Sam, a daughter, and Charlie, a son, were the couple’s two offspring. The revelation that Tiger had been unfaithful to Elin with other women in 2009, however, caused a rift in their relationship.

Their 2010 divorce was brought on by the scandal, and Elin reportedly received a $100 million settlement. Tiger and Elin have both gone on with their lives since that time and have kept a low profile.

As a result of Tiger Woods’ adultery, their turbulent marriage to Elin Nordegren ended in divorce.

2. Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now Past and Present Relationships Explored!

Golfer Tiger Woods and nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel had an adulterous relationship in 2009. In the wake of Tiger’s marriage to Elin Nordegren, several women—including Rachel—came forward and accused Tiger of having affairs with them.

As some proof surfaced, Rachel later acknowledged having the affair after originally denying it. The incident significantly impacted Tiger’s personal and professional life and caused the dissolution of his marriage to Elin.

The controversy that destroyed Tiger’s job and reputation was greatly influenced by Tiger and Rachel’s brief romance, despite its short duration. Since that time, Rachel and Tiger have both moved on with their lives and have mostly refrained from speaking publicly about the affair.

In conclusion, Tiger Woods had an extramarital relationship with Rachel Uchitel, which played a major role in the scandal that caused his marriage to Elin Nordegren to dissolve. Tiger’s life and career were greatly impacted by the brief but profound relationship.

3. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now Past and Present Relationships Explored!

In 2012, Olympian skier Lindsey Vonn and professional golfer Tiger Woods began dating. One of the most talked-about couples in the sports world, they were both at the pinnacle of their respective sports.

The duo routinely shared photos and updates on social media and was extremely outspoken about their romance. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2015, with both sides attributing the breakup to their hectic schedules and divergent objectives.

Tiger and Lindsey are still friends and supportive of one another despite their split. Tiger has been supportive of Lindsey’s skiing career, while Lindsey has praised Tiger’s golf career.

In conclusion, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn enjoyed a well-publicized union for three years. Even though they ultimately parted ways, they still support each other’s professional endeavors.

4. Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now Past and Present Relationships Explored!

A professional golfer named Tiger Woods dated an entrepreneur and stylist named Kristin Smith for a while in 2017. When Kristin was detained in May of that year while operating Tiger’s vehicle on suspicion of DUI, their relationship came to light.

Tiger and Kristin are said to have remained together after the arrest for a few more months before calling it quits later in the year. Tiger and Kristin have now gone on with their lives and mostly shied away from discussing their relationship in public.

In conclusion, Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith had a brief romance in 2017 that was made public when Kristin was detained on suspicion of driving under the influence in Tiger’s vehicle. They remained together despite the arrest for a while before splitting up in the end.

5. Tiger Woods and Erica Herman

Who is Tiger Woods Dating Now Past and Present Relationships Explored!

In 2017, while Erica Herman was a manager at Tiger Woods’ Florida restaurant, the professional golfer Tiger Woods and Erica met. Soon after, they started dating, and they made their first public appearance together at the 2017 Presidents Cup.

Since that time, Erica has supported Tiger and has frequently been spotted at his golf tournaments. Tiger and Erica gained attention in 2019 when they were seen kissing at the Master’s competition, which Tiger went on to win.

Tiger and Erica have been dating for a while, and they seem to be doing well despite keeping their relationship completely quiet. The two kids of Tiger are frequently pictured with them.

In conclusion, Tiger Woods and Erica Herman began dating in 2017 and have been together ever since then. Tiger’s life has had Erica’s support, and the two of them frequently get together with Tiger’s kids.

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