Breaking Up and Moving on: The Latest on Joey and Kariselle’s Relationship!


Joey and Kariselle have become somewhat of a sensation, with fans eager to learn more about their relationship. While the couple has shared glimpses of their love story on social media, there’s so much more to their journey that remains unknown.

Despite the public’s fascination with their relationship, Joey and Kariselle have managed to keep much of their personal lives private. However, we do know that they have faced their fair share of challenges, just like any other couple. But what sets them apart is how they have tackled those challenges together, with love and respect for one another.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into Joey and Kariselle’s relationship, exploring their key moments and what makes their love story truly special. So, buckle up and get ready to join us on this journey of love and discovery.

How Joey and Kariselle Met

Joey and Kariselle faced their fair share of challenges. Long distance was one of the biggest obstacles they had to overcome. Joey lived in California, while Kariselle was based in New York. Despite the distance, they managed to make it work by constantly communicating and planning visits.

Another challenge they faced was navigating their different career paths. Joey was a successful entrepreneur, while Kariselle was pursuing a career in fashion. Balancing their busy schedules and finding time for each other was not always easy, but they were committed to making it work.

One thing that made their love story unique was their willingness to support each other’s passions and dreams. Joey was always there to support Kariselle’s fashion endeavors, attending her fashion shows and giving her the confidence to.

Breaking Up and Moving on The Latest on Joey and Kariselle's Relationship!

The Early Stages of Their Relationship

The beginning of Joey and Kariselle‘s relationship was passionate and exciting. They were utterly smitten with one another and couldn’t get enough of one another. They would talk, text, and share their ideas and dreams for hours on end. Together, they went on romantic dates, enjoyed weekend trips, and made wonderful memories.

But, Joey and Kariselle’s love was not without its difficulties, just like any other relationship. They had their fair share of disagreements and miscommunications, but they were able to resolve them all.

The Challenges They Faced

The distance between Joey and Kariselle was one of their major obstacles. They had to deal with the difficulties of a long-distance relationship because they resided in different cities. Although it was difficult, they never allowed it to interfere with their love.

The demands of their careers presented another difficulty for them. They both had hectic schedules and were successful in their respective areas. Even though it was challenging, they always made time for one another a top priority.

Breaking Up and Moving on The Latest on Joey and Kariselle's Relationship!

The Evolution of Their Relationship

The bond between Joey and Kariselle grew stronger and more significant over time. They developed into one another’s closest confidants and sources of support. They discovered how to compromise when required, improve their communication, and comprehend one another’s needs.

Despite the difficulties they had, their relationship only got better with time. They started to discuss their future together and became closer to one another.

Do Joey and Kariselle Still Have a Relationship?

Kariselle and Joey are no longer dating. Recent comments from Joey to Netflix Tudum include: “You try to communicate with each other while living in various regions and having different lifestyles. I believe that both of us had enough respect for one another to be able to leave the conflict and truly give one another some time, space, and separation.”

Said him: “We put a lot of effort into loving, so the highs and lows may both be quite intense. We just know that we’re probably happier apart at this moment, even though we truly want to work on our friendship.”

Yet this wasn’t the first time the two had broken up. Before they appeared on Perfect Match, Joey and Kariselle were romantically involved, and they talked about it when they did.

Joey wasn’t ready to be in a relationship, even though Kariselle had flown to LA to spend time with him. The couple broke up after a period of on-and-off dating before coming back together on Perfect Match.

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