Andy Cohen’s Love Life: A Look at His Past and Present Relationships!


Both “Watch What Happens Live” and “Real Housewives,” which he also executive produces, are hosted by Andy Cohen. You’ve probably heard of Andy Cohen if you’re a fan of any of these companies.

Many people are curious about Cohen’s current relationship because he has never kept anything about his personal life, including his sexual relationships, a secret. In this article, we’ll examine Andy Cohen’s recent dating history as well as his previous partnerships.

Early Relationships

Let’s take a look at Cohen’s past relationships before moving on to discuss the person he is dating at the moment. Cohen has been forthright about his previous relationships, and he has dated both male and female partners in the past.

Cohen writes about his early romantic relationships in his autobiography, titled “Most Talkative.” These early relationships include a college girlfriend and a lover he met while he was living in New York City.

He also talks of dating a man who turned out to be married and having a brief flirtation with a famous musician. In addition, he discusses dating a man who turned out to be married.

Relationship with Clifton Dassuncao

In 2016, BRAVO star Andy Cohen dated Clifton Dassuncao. Two years later, the couple broke up, and Cohen announced the news on Entertainment Tonight, declaring that he “was single again.”

Andy Cohen's Love Life A Look at His Past and Present Relationships!

According to his LinkedIn profile, Clifton Dassuncao works as an epidemiologist at Eastern Research Group, Inc. He supposedly hails from Brazil and lives in Washington, D.C.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dassuncao received a Bachelor’s degree; at Harvard University, he received a Master’s and a Ph.D.

In 2012, he served as an intern at the Centers for Disease Control and was a research fellow at Harvard.

When Did They Meet?

That’s right! Andy Cohen was romantically linked to Clifton Dassuncao in 2016, and they were often spotted together by paparazzi. Although they never confirmed their relationship publicly, it was clear that they were more than just friends.

Cohen and Dassuncao reportedly met through mutual friend Anderson Cooper while on tour in 2016. Cooper was said to have approved of their relationship from the beginning and even referred to Dassuncao as a “nice guy” in an interview with People.

Andy Cohen's Love Life A Look at His Past and Present Relationships!

In his memoir “Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries,” Cohen referred to Dassuncao as the “Brazilian Andy Samberg,” a reference to the comedian and actor. The two were even seen vacationing together in St. Bart’s in 2016.

When Did They Break Up and What Was the Reason?

Andy Cohen and Clifton Dassuncao reportedly broke up in 2018 after dating for over a year. The reason for their split has not been publicly confirmed by either party.

However, sources close to the couple have cited their busy schedules and long-distance relationship as contributing factors. In an interview with People in 2018, Cohen said, “I’m single again, and it’s not that fun.”

Despite the breakup, he remained optimistic about finding love in the future, saying, “I believe in love and I believe in a partner.” Cohen has since been spotted with a few men but has not publicly confirmed being in a relationship.


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Current Relationship Status

That’s correct! As of 2023, Andy Cohen is currently not dating anyone, but he has had a few notable relationships in the past. According to CelebsCouples, a website that tracks celebrity relationships, Cohen has had at least two relationships before but has never been engaged.

Despite being a public figure, Cohen has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. However, he has been open about his past relationships, including his brief romance with former NHL player Sean Avery, and his relationship with Clifton Dassuncao.

Cohen’s Approach to Dating

Cohen has discussed his approach to dating and relationships in interviews. He has stated that he finds it invigorating to be with someone who has a different perspective, hence he prefers to date people who are not employed in the entertainment sector. His openness regarding his personal life is a reflection of his value for honesty and openness in relationships.


Who Was Andy Cohen’s Last Boyfriend?

Clifton Dassuncao was Andy Cohen’s most recent confirmed partner, and the couple split up in 2018, according to reports.

Does Andy Cohen Have Children?

Yes, Andy Cohen is a father to a kid named Benjamin, whom he welcomed into the world in 2019 through the process of surrogacy.

What Does Andy Cohen Look for in a Partner?

Andy Cohen has been quoted as saying that he looks for honesty, transparency, and a diverse perspective in a romantic partner.

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