Who is Astro Rocky Dating? His Relationship Rumours With Park Bo Yeon!


For the past few months, the media has been buzzing with rumours of a romance involving the South Korean artist. What exactly is going on with Rocky? Let’s first quickly review Rocky’s fame, particularly during his time with the K-pop group.

To support it a little, Rocky from ASTRO’s real name is Park Min-hyuk. He made his debut with the pop group in 2016. Rocky was born on February 25, 1999, in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, making him 24 years old.

The singles and albums that Rocky published under the name ASTRO are among his many noteworthy compositions. His numerous hit albums include Star, Dazzling Blue, Over That, Have a Good Day, Drive to the Starry Road, All Yours, etc.

Keep in mind that Rocky is a skilled actor as well; his efforts merit recognition. We all saw him get a role in the musical The Three Musketeers last year.

Let’s revisit ASTRO’s Rocky’s personal life since the K-pop star has been the focus of dating rumours. Nevertheless, one has become more apparent recently. The veracity of those rumours regarding Rocky’s love life is still up for debate. Here’s the lowdown on Rocky from ASTRO’s current relationship.

Who is Astro’s Rocky Dating?

Rumour has it that Park Bo Yeon, another member of the band ASTRO, and Rocky are dating. You’ll recognise her right away if you’re a fan of Korean dramas. South Korean actress Park Bo Yeon, who is rumoured to be Rocky’s girlfriend, was born in 1994. She is therefore 28 years old at this time. She is four years her senior at that point.

The actress Park Bo Yeon, who plays Rocky’s girlfriend in ASTRO, has appeared in a lot of movies and television programmes. Only a few of the songs are listed as contributors, including Your Mind Has Changed, Word, Cheer Up, One Beautiful Week, etc. She also made an appearance in the Snow Watch music video by Chun Yong-Heavy sang. It was released in 2019, thus it has been around for some time.

What else surprises you about the bond between ASTRO and Rocky? The rumour has only been confirmed by one person, and it has been categorically refuted by the other. The world took note when Rocky’s management team revealed in October 2022 that their client was dating Park Bo Yeon.

According to the statement, the two were “at the stage of slowly getting to know each other with positive feelings.” When they were both working on “Find Me If You Can,” they first connected on the set. Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are close friends. Actress Park Bo Yeon has reportedly been writing songs of love for her boyfriend Rocky. The “S#1” case was this one.

Later that day, Park Bo Yeon’s management staff dispelled rumours that the two were dating. According to a story, the two were acquaintances and coworkers rather than romantically linked. Are you purchasing this then? Most of their supporters don’t.

Because of their frequent public appearances together, Park Bo Yeon and ASTRO’s Rocky have sparked relationship rumours. On their personal social media pages, neither of them has posted a public statement. They don’t seem to be listening to what’s being said.

Despite this, we acknowledge that Rocky is madly in love with Park Bo Yeon. Also, they get along well together. As soon as news of Park Bo Yeon and Rocky’s relationship went widespread online, fans started sending them congratulations texts.

Astro’s Rocky Dating

More proof that Rocky and the Cheer Up actress are more than just buddies can be found in the fact that the two have been seen together in social situations. They were therefore frequently observed and took part in outdoor activities.

There haven’t been any more claims Rocky is dating anyone since that time. So, it is very likely that Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are connected. We wish Park Min-hyuk, a.k.a. ASTRO’s Rocky, all the best for the future and wish him success and happiness.

Who is Park Bo Yeon?

Actress Park Bo Yeon posted abusive letters she allegedly received from ASTRO fans while she was the subject of dating allegations with former member Rocky.

The actress posted the derogatory remarks she had received to her Instagram story on March 7. Netizens can be seen hating the actress in the messages and even attempting to call her.

According to reports, a different internet user repeatedly FaceTimed the actress and told her she needed to pick up and accept responsibility.

Her alleged relationship with former ASTRO member Rocky, according to reports, is the cause of the hateful remarks. The two were said to have started dating in October of last year.


The actor Park Bo-yeon and singer Rocky, a member of the K-pop boy band Astro, are dating, according to the singer’s management company Fantagio. For more details visit our website

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