Kelley and Peter Dating: A Timeline of Their Love Story!


Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber’s relationship timeline is one of the most talked-about topics in the entertainment world. Since meeting on the set of The Bachelor in 2019, the couple has had a tumultuous journey filled with ups and downs. From their initial meeting to their latest breakup, we’ll take a closer look at their relationship and its evolution over time.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the ups and downs that Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber experienced in their relationship. We are going to go into their first encounter on the show The Bachelor, their following romance after the show ended, as well as their numerous breakups and makeups.

Early Days of Their Relationship

Meeting on The Bachelor

On the set of “The Bachelor” in 2019, Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber were introduced to one another. Peter’s attention was immediately drawn to Kelley, an attorney based in Chicago, and the two had an instant connection during their initial one-on-one date together.

But, even though they seemed to have a connection at first, Peter decided to cut Kelley from the program in the end.


Both Kelley and Peter were in Malibu, California, for the conclusion of production on The Bachelor when they ran into each other in the lobby of their respective hotels. They were able to rekindle their connection, and their blossoming passion was a direct result of this.

Nonetheless, the couple managed to keep their connection a secret for a considerable amount of time, which led to rumors regarding their marital standing.

Kelley and Peter Dating A Timeline of Their Love Story!

Their Relation to the Public Eye

Going Public

In May 2020, after having spent several months together in quarantine during the COVID-19 epidemic, Kelley and Peter made their romantic relationship known to the outside world. They published several posts on various social media platforms, one of which was a TikTok video that quickly gained widespread attention.

Ups and Downs

Despite the outward shows of devotion that took place between Kelley and Peter, their relationship did not always run smoothly. In July 2020, it was disclosed that the couple had ended their relationship; Kelley cited Peter’s indecisiveness as a primary factor in the breakup. Yet, a few weeks later they made up with each other and even went on a trip together.

Breakup and Make-Up

Kelley and Peter made the news that they were divorcing once more in December 2020. By unfollowing each other on social media, the breakup this time seemed to be official. They were, however, seen together in New York City in March 2021, which sparked reports that they had revived their affair.

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The Future of Kelley and Peter’s Relationship

Kelley and Peter Dating A Timeline of Their Love Story!

Moving On

Kelley and Peter have both stated that they are going on with their lives despite the speculations of reconciliation. While Peter has recently been seen with other women, Kelley has indicated that she is concentrating on her work as an attorney.

A Complicated Relationship

There is no disputing the profound connection that existed between Kelley and Peter, even though their relationship has had its share of highs and lows. Both of them have expressed their appreciation for the time they were able to spend together as well as the knowledge they gained from one another.


The history of Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber’s romance is a wild trip full of turns and turns. Their romance has drawn the attention of fans all over the world, from their first encounter on The Bachelor through their most recent breakup. Although it’s uncertain what lies ahead for these two, one thing is certain: their connection has irrevocably changed the entertainment industry.

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