Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Currently? A Look at Her Dating History!


Rebel Wilson is a well-known performer in the fields of acting, comedy, writing, and producing. She hails from Australia. She has worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and has become a well-known figure as a result.

Her fans and followers have been interested in learning more about her personal life, specifically the relationships she has had in the past. In this article, we will investigate the identity of Rebel Wilson’s current boyfriend.

It is necessary to provide some background information about Rebel Wilson before delving into the specifics of her romantic relationships. On March 2nd, 1980, Rebel Wilson made her debut in the world in Sydney, Australia.

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of New South Wales and went on to become a successful actor.

Wilson started her career as an actress in Australia, where she performed in some different movies and television shows. Her performance as Fat Amy in the musical comedy film Pitch Perfect was largely responsible for bringing her widespread acclaim.

Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Currently?

Rebel Wilson, an actor, and Ramona Agruma, a businesswoman and her girlfriend, have announced their engagement. On Sunday, after Wilson’s surprise engagement to Agruma at Disneyland, she posted a photo of the two of them together on her Instagram account.

Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Currently A Look at Her Dating History!

Wilson announced that she and Agruma were dating during June, which is known as LGBTQ Pride Month.

A Look at Her Dating History!

Throughout her career, Rebel Wilson has been involved in several high-profile partnerships. Speculations were circulating in 2012 that she was dating comedian and actor Matt Lucas, but those claims were never proven to be true.

In the latter part of that year, she was rumored to be dating businessman Jeff Beacher, although their romance didn’t endure for very long. The year 2013 marked the beginning of Rebel Wilson’s relationship with stuntman Aden Stay.

But, after only a few short months together, they decided to end their romance and go their ways. In 2015, rumors began to circulate that Wilson was dating comedian and actor Mickey Gooch Jr. The couple went out on a few dates before deciding to end their relationship.

Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Currently A Look at Her Dating History!

In 2017, Rebel Wilson began a relationship with Mickey Rapkin, who is a producer and writer. Although the pair did not publicly discuss their relationship, they were frequently seen attending public events together. Despite this, they were together until 2019, when they decided to break their relationship.


In conclusion, Rebel Wilson has experienced her fair share of relationships, which is typical for well-known people. She has reportedly had romances with a few well-known actors, but none of them have lasted.

At the moment, Rebel Wilson is dating entrepreneur Ramona Agruma. After a surprise proposal at Disneyland, the pair announced their engagement, and Wilson informed her social media followers of the news.

Rebel Wilson has been a well-liked personality in the entertainment world for more than a decade as a successful performer in acting, comedy, writing, and producing. Her admirers and supporters are overjoyed to see her content in her personal life and wish her and Agruma nothing but the best for the future.

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