Women at War Season 2 Release Date: Does Marguerite Die in Season 1?


Netflix launched historical miniseries which is based on the German and French wars during the world war. The drama series Women at War on Netflix recounts the lives of four women from very diverse backgrounds as the first world war picks up steam and the situation in their small French town of Saint Paul and becomes increasingly hazardous their lives take a dramatic change.

Over the course of eight episodes, the story changes dramatically as various secrets are revealed and the women are thrust into circumstances from which they seem unable to escape. We worry about what will become of them all because the finale puts the community and them in a very precarious position.

What is the Storyline of Women at War Season 1?

As of now, Netflix has not released a new season, so there is no information available regarding Women at War season 2. But here, you can read about season 1 storylines.

The first season of Women at War opens with the German soldiers marching toward the front lines as the scene is set for World War I.

In the middle of all this mayhem, the struggles for survival of four women in France have been brought to light. The first episode of the series focuses on Marguerite, a recent employee at a nearby brothel, who is a Parisian sex worker. Suzanne is the second woman.

She is a nurse on the run from the military hospital who is looking for safety in Switzerland. With the advancement of the story, we also come across Agnes, who is a mother superior of a requisitioned convent, which has been converted into a full-time hospital.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

The viewers are also introduced to Carolyn, who, amidst the chaos of the war, is bludgeoned with the baggage of responsibilities and the pressure to always make the right decision for her family.

Every episode makes the lives of these women more difficult and reinforces the idea that even though their problems are not comparable to those of men fighting in battle, they are nonetheless meaningful.

The distinction is that males used military weapons while women used mental ones. To fight in times of war. Despite not being on the front lines. They have acted as leaders in dealing with difficult and painful situations. And for that, they should be commended.

What Happens at the End of Women at War Season 1?

Suzanne is a nurse on the run from a police officer whose wife was killed during an abortion that went wrong. She arrives in Saint Paul with the intent of fleeing to Switzerland but when she arrives at the convent that has been changed into a military hospital.

She realizes just how she is needed as the number of wounded soldiers increases. The pressure on Doctor Joseph Duvernot increases.

Even though staying in France is dangerous Suzanne decides to stay in Saint Paul Poland and help the doctor Marguerite who had given her son away when he was quite little arrives in Saint Paul and in the meantime locate him.

Her employment at a nearby brothel allows her access to the military when she meets Carolyn an old friend she has a surprise in store for her.

She is currently married to Victor who recently enlisted in the military she is now in charge of the factory in his absence she proves to be quite adept at her work but when her brother-in-law Charles shows up everything becomes incredibly difficult for her. Does Saint Paul Fall to the Germans?

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

In 1914, just one month into the first world war, women at War takes place due to its strategic location on the route to Paris, Saint Paul becomes significant for both France and Germany.

It is crucial for France that the town stays under French control because if it does the Germans will find it very simple to launch an attack on Paris.

The Germans want to invade it as soon as possible for the same reason. Things get worse for the citizens of Saint Paul (and) as the conflict rages on the sheer number of soldiers in the injured arises as Joseph and Suzanne are put under extreme pressure to provide for them with hardly any qualified medical personnel to assist them in their work.

The battle sequences in the show get more intense with each new episode initially. There were more scenes of troops at the brothel but over time there were more battle scenes to point that the final episode was fully focused on the town that was about to be besieged by Massive German forces.

The situation becomes so bad that the town is evacuated in preparation for the arrival of the German Army, and only those who are absolutely necessary remain such as all of the nuns and ambulance drivers.

The majority of the soldiers are injured or killed. So the French force’s final attempt to prevent the town from being attacked fails tragically.

This was primarily because there weren’t nearly as many soldiers stationed there as there were with the German forces who also had gas supplies which made their jobs much simpler all of this points towards the fact that things are not going to get any time soon for the town especially considering that the war is only going to worse from here extending for four more years. However, more help is on the way.

More French forces are expected to arrive after at least a day or two at which point the soldiers will have to make do with what they have to fend off the Germans.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

Everyone who is still in the town is preparing for what is to come as the hospital staff gets ready to manage injured soldiers more effectively.

By end of the series Saint Paulin is not merely being approached by the war. There is still hope for those who are willing to go to all lengths to rescue their town in their country even though it is prepared to burst down the door.

Does Marguerite Die?

Marguerite is one of the primary characters in Women at War, she travels to Saint Paul in the hopes of finding Colin, the son she gave birth to while she was still a teenager and totally unprepared to be a parent she finally meets her son after much deliberation on the subject and they get along well up until Colin learns their family connection.

He thinks it would be better if they completely forgot about one another and never ran into each other again.

Marguerite nevertheless marches onto the battlefield to ensure her son’s survival despite this. She is glad to see her son who is shocked to see her there she tries to reach him but then is hit by a bullet as she and Colin hold hands. She passes out at the same time other women reach there.

They get both Colin and Marguerite out of there and while we see Colin White awake, the question lingers on Marguerite’s fate.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

It looks like she has died because the smile on her face on being reunited with her son and seeing him alive looks a lot like acceptance of death still there is not confirmed that she is dead, her friends are more focused on getting her out of there which might mean that Marguerite fell unconscious and can still be saved.

We wish for her to have a happier conclusion even if there is a good likelihood that she will pass away she only wished to see her son once more all the risks she takes during the series are for him even the one that brought her all the way to Saint Paulin.

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When Will Women at War Season 2 be Released?

Netflix has not renewed the period drama for a second season. According to Netflix, the chances of a second season happening is slim to none. The reason is any period drama is often touted to be a limited series, which means that the show will not have more than one season.

Not only that, but the first season was successful in typing all the loose ends with the final eight episodes. That being said, the second season does not leave much room for the story to continue unless they introduce a new threat of content.

Additionally, the lead actresses are occupied with other projects. For instance, Fluoro will be occupied in a miniseries called Infiltre QT. Although the official release date has not been announced, the series is expected to release in July 2023. Lou will also be featured in a comedy film called Chasse Gardée which is expected to release in 2023. The first season of Women at War opens with the German soldiers marching toward the front lines as the scene is set for World War I.

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