Who Is Isha Escribano? Why Does Her Account Disappear on Wikipedia?


Isha Escribano has been searching many people on the internet, but astonishingly, her Wikipedia profile has disappeared from the official site of Wikipedia. But fans wonder why this happened. To know this keep on reading the article.

There is little information available on the internet but when we explored her LinkedIn profile we learned about her profession. There is no personal information present on the same account.

Isha has been involved in multiple professions. Apart from being a writer, she is a consultant and journalist who is an avid writer and has written numerous books and articles. In addition, she is a model, social media influencer, and Psychotherapist.

Interestingly, she is a well-known workshop and speech facilitator for businesses and companies.

 Isha serves many organizations as she aids deprived people, entrepreneurs, and organizations undergoing positive change to motivate them, help in gaining self-development, boost staff who face stress issues, and how they can empower themselves.  

According to the sources, from 1998 to 2007, Isha worked as a journalist and writer. As an enthusiastic writer, she had published more than 500 articles including travelogs, essays, and interviews in several graphic media in Argentina and beyond.

Moreover, she is also seen as serving a TV show on CableVision’s P&E channel. The influencer has given over a thousand performances over the past many years, including solo, trio, septet, and quintet performances at locations all around the world.  

The author has spent time in different cities, including New York, Boston, Cambridge, Berlin, Zurich, and Stockholm, over the course of her lifetime. Escribano is multilingual, with fluency in several languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Sanskrit, and Spanish.

Who Is Isha Escribano

This journalist has been hosting workshops and conferences since 2001. When it comes to public speaking, Escribano is no stranger to TEDx. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ACNUR) appointed the therapist to the “Ponchos Azules” in 2020.

In April 2021, she was honored for her work in advancing personal freedom by the Propuesta Mujer organization in Argentina.

Escribano has spent the last 25 years largely in South America and the United States, where he has taught yoga, mantras, meditation, breathing methods, and the knowledge of ancient Indian philosophy to more than 50 thousand individuals.

Isha has dedicated over 30 years to voraciously learning everything she can about the Vedic sciences, and she even has a Fellowship in Buddhism and Hinduism from Cambridge University in the UK.

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Who Is Isha Escribano? Why Does Her Account Disappear on Wikipedia?

Well, many of Isha’s admirers are wondering about her missing Wikipedia page which is missing recently and they are not able to know her in detail. 

However, according to her LinkedIn profile people can get to know about her profession. As LinkedIn has been used for professional use, therefore we can explore her personal life. Undeniably, it has been hard to judge her age-wise, as there is no information available regarding her age.  

There is no information mentioned anywhere about why Wikipedia has disappeared from her profile. So it is hard to say anything about her missing Wikipedia page. If any information pops up, you will definitely find it on our page.    

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