Pinocchio Ending Explained: Does Pinocchio Become a Real Boy?


Pinocchio is an American musical fantasy movie that will be released in 2022. Robert Zemeckis will direct the movie, which was written by Zemeckis and Chris Weitz. People have been interested in the story of Pinocchio, which is about a wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy, for many years.

As the story goes on, Pinocchio faces different challenges and makes decisions that test his bravery, honesty, and willingness to help others. At the end of the story, however, there is still one question: Does Pinocchio turn into a real boy?

In this article, we’ll talk about how the story ends and what it means for the main character.

Pinocchio Ending Explained

Jiminy Cricket begins telling the tale of how he once arrived at Geppetto’s home. Geppetto was a woodcarver and clockmaker who created various toys and other items.

Geppetto was conversing with his cat Figaro and fish Cleo while working on a pinewood puppet in his studio. Jiminy observed as Geppetto completed the puppet and gave it the name Pinocchio. Geppetto sang and danced with the puppet before deciding to retire for the evening.

Just as he was going to retire for the evening, Geppetto observed a wishing star in the night sky and made a wish. The light from the star shone onto a picture on Pinocchio’s nightstand, which then redirected the light onto him.

Pinocchio Ending Explained

Jiminy was surprised when Pinocchio suddenly sprang to life. The Blue Fairy visited and explained that Pinocchio was still alive because Geppetto had made a sincere request.

The wish was not totally clear, which is why Pinocchio remained a wooden puppet. The fairy told Pinocchio that in order to become a real boy, he must demonstrate that he is courageous, honest, and selfless.

She appointed Jiminy as Pinocchio’s conscience for the duration of his adventure. After wishing them farewell, Geppetto awoke and was ecstatic to discover that Pinocchio was still alive.

Geppetto finally sent Pinocchio to school to learn about the world after announcing that they were now a family. Along the journey, Pinocchio was halted by the dishonest fox Honest John and his companion Gideon.

They persuaded Pinocchio that he did not need to attend school and should instead pursue fame. Pinocchio decides to travel with Honest John and Gideon, but Jiminy arrives just in time to get him back on track.

Pinocchio eventually arrives at school but is immediately expelled by the principal. Using the circumstance to his advantage, Honest John arrests Jiminy before telling Pinocchio once more that fame is the way to go.

Eventually, Pinocchio becomes a member of Stromboli’s traveling band of puppeteers. Nevertheless, Stromboli proves to be a nasty taskmaster who cages Pinocchio with the intention of using him as his main attraction.

In addition, he meets Fabiana, whose marionette is named Sabina. Fabiana attempts to assist Pinocchio, but Stromboli captures her before she can. Geppetto grows concerned about the disappearance of Pinocchio and sets out to find him.

Geppetto encounters Jiminy, who is still locked under a glass jar, during his hunt. The jar is broken when Stromboli’s carriage drives by, and Jiminy hops on to find Pinocchio.

Pinocchio Ending Explained

Pinocchio tells him that he did not enjoy performing in front of an audience, but his nose suddenly becomes longer. Jiminy discovers that every time Pinocchio lies, his nose grows longer.

This is used by Pinocchio to assist Jiminy in obtaining the key to his cage. He then admits the truth, his nose shrinks, and Jiminy sets him free. They attempt to run back home but are scooped up by a carriage full of youngsters at an empty crossroads.

The Coachman is driving the carriage, and behind him is a young lad named Lampwick. They inform Pinocchio that they are traveling to Pleasure Island, a place without parents or restrictions.

Pinocchio, despite initial reluctance, eventually yields to the Coachman and Lampwick’s pressure, abandoning his morals and accompanying them to Pleasure Island.

What Happens on Pleasure Island?

When Pinocchio and the other children get to Pleasure Island, they find a huge amusement park full of strange rides. Pinocchio and Lampwick get on a boat that takes them through the park while the Coachman gives them root beers.

The kids are out of control at the park, making a mess and acting badly. Pinocchio doesn’t like what he sees, but Lampwick seems to be having a great time. Jiminy, meanwhile, goes to Pleasure Island to look for Pinocchio.

He finds him in a salon playing pool with Lampwick. Pinocchio notices that the other children are gone and wonders where they went.

Pinocchio Ending Explained

As Jiminy walks into the salon and calls Pinocchio’s name, Lampwick shoves him down a drain and tells Pinocchio that he was the one who shouted.

Jiminy falls down a drain and ends up in a harbor where the Coachman and a group of scary creatures are loading donkeys onto a boat. Jiminy figures out that the donkeys are actually the children who were at the park before they changed.

At the same time that the Coachman and his creatures walk in, Pinocchio and Lampwick start to change into donkeys. With the help of Jiminy, Pinocchio is able to get away.

What Occurs With Stromboli?

Pinocchio and Jiminy venture to the coast in search of Geppetto’s boat when they encounter a carriage, which they believe to be Stromboli’s. However, they soon discover that it is Fabiana and Sabina, who informs them that they succeeded in overthrowing Stromboli and starting their own puppet show.

They invite Pinocchio to become their star attraction, but he declines, stating that he must continue searching for his father. Fabiana and Sabina understand and wish him luck on his journey.

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What Happens to Pinocchio and Geppetto?

Pinocchio goes to sea with Sofia’s help. He holds on to a rope as Sofia flies ahead of them. Geppetto, who is out on the water in his small boat, is easy to find. Geppetto and Pinocchio are so happy to see each other again, but Monstro the Whale shows up and eats them both. Inside the whale, Pinocchio thinks of a way to get out of there.

They build a fire in the hopes that the smoke will make Monstro open his mouth. Their plan works, but Monstro comes after them. Pinocchio’s quick feet help them get to safety, and they finally make it to the shore.

Geppetto, on the other hand, seems to be asleep and close to dying. Pinocchio cries and begs his father to wake up. Geppetto comes back to life because of the magic of his tears.

Pinocchio Ending Explained

Geppetto is proud of how brave, honest, and selfless his son Pinocchio is, and he knows that Pinocchio is the son he always wanted.

Jiminy tells the end of the story, saying that some people may have wondered if Pinocchio ever became a real boy, but in his heart, Pinocchio was as real as any boy who had ever lived.

Geppetto and Pinocchio go back home, now knowing how important honesty and bravery are and how much they mean to each other.

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