Will The Apprentice UK Season 18 be Canceled or Renewed?


The Apprentice Uk season 18 has been waiting for a long time. This reality show has completed 17 successful seasons and has immensely entertained the audience all around the world as well as from the POV of the audience. Now, people are eagerly waiting for the next season.  

Now, the question arises in the minds of people, for how long do they have to wait for the upcoming season? Of all the keen faces, you will be answered all the questions related to season 18  of The Apprentice UK as we try to explain everything there is to know about the show and more.

What is the Plotline of The Apprentice UK?

 The Apprentice UK is based on a reality tv game show. Here, you will meet a group of businesspeople who compete with each other by facing business-related challenges arranged by a successful British Businessman Alan Sugar.

Winner contestants prove themselves and receive high amounts of accolades. You see Karren Brady and Claude Littner or Tim Campbell who are co-partner of Sugar, act as observers with little involvement. 

The Apprentice UK Season 18

It is a nerve-racking game show that is out in the field looking for the hungriest hopefuls of the corporation who can be made his apprentice with a six-figure salary job for which they will have to pass the rigorous nerve and brain testing with their talent and skills.

When Will The Apprentice UK Season 18 Be Released?

The highly anticipated show received positive reviews from the audience. The show is certainly created for a smarter niche that might be interested in such brain-cracking tasks.

Talking about the release date of the 18th season, the production has not revealed the date as of now.

However, the studio has currently confirmed the renewal of The Apprentice UK season 18 as they revealed the confirmation for two more seasons for the show.

Now, it is expected, audiences can watch this fascinating show by the year 2024.

How Many Episodes Will The Apprentice UK Season 18 Have?

The Apprentice UK is one such show that throws immense importance on the audience and the community so built. Each and every season of The Apprentice UK has had less than 15 episodes to it fluctuating between 12 and 14 ever since its commencement in 2006.

The show has done a great job of making business and such content fun for the layman. Although the production has been confirmed and shown to continue up to the 20th season of The Apprentice UK, there is no update on how many episodes season 18 will have.

Who Won The Apprentice UK Season 17?

The Apprentice UK Season 17 was quite like all the other seasons of the show. The show started with the usual Sugar’s search for a new business partner where things begin at the Caribbean island of Antigua.

The Apprentice UK Season 18

The show continued showcasing the performance of all the 18 contestants of season 17, leaving 2 in the end – Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Rey Anthony who have to create new brands for the business proposals given by them before the idea is pitched to Alan Sugar who then selects the winner of it all.

The series ends on a good note with Marnie Swindells winning season 17 of The Apprentice UK.

How Is The Apprentice UK Rated So Far?

The Apprentice UK is a great show. It has a unique concept so it competes well in the industry with all the other reality tv shows. Although the niche of the show is quite limited, still it manages to perform pretty well.

17 seasons in the show still stands strong. Currently, it is rated a great 7.2 out of 10 on IMDb. So the audience is again excited to watch the next season.

Where Can I Watch The Apprentice UK?

The Apprentice UK is indeed a very interesting and fun show to watch. This show is targeted towards a certain niche audience that is directly interested in the business and such type of content.

If the show matches your interests as well, you must be very keen to know about the platforms that serve the duty of providing it to the audience. While the show is quite popular across the world, you can easily watch this show on Apple TV+.

Who Were the Contestants of The Apprentice UK Previous Shows?

Well, it is a true fact that contestants of such shows make up the show what it becomes. The concept and the judges themselves play only a little role in doing so but the contestants are the heart and soul of such shows.

The Apprentice UK Season 18

The contestants of The Apprentice UK have understood this quite a simple fact and made it a major success. Although there is no update on who all the contestants of The Apprentice UK season 18, the contestants of The Apprentice UK season 17 include Marnie Swindells, Simba Rwambiw, Megan Hornby, Rochelle Raye Anthony, Bradley Johnson, and many more.

The Apprentice UK Popularity

Despite the fact that The Apprentice UK is quite a successful show, the popularity of the show fluctuated and fell gradually over time. Yes, 17 seasons are a lot for a show to be stretched with no certain advancement involved.

This is quite evident in the popularity patterns of The Apprentice UK. In Spite of good ratings, the show is losing hope for growth since its popularity is going beyond the expected gradual basis.

The Apprentice UK Season 18

Series The Apprentice UK
No. of Seasons 17
Total seasons 17( 226 episodes)
Status Upcoming season 18
Director Mark Burnett
Producer(s) Talkback, Talkback Thames, Naked, Mark Burnett Productions, United Artists Media Group, MGM Television 
Narrated By Mark Halliley
Cast Alan Sugar, Nick Hewer, Margaret Mountford
Country of Origin United States Of America
Original Language English
Available Languages English
First Episode Aired On 16 February 2005
Last Episode Aired On 23 March 2023
Season 18 Release Date Expected in 2024
Available On Apple TV+

Will The Apprentice UK Season 18 be Canceled or Renewed?

The Apprentice UK season 18 is under talks as a hot topic among the audience that falls into the community of this show. Each year a new season of this show is released and entertains the viewers with all that it has got.

Season 17 has properly followed the lead leaving similar expectations for season 17. While viewers and the audience have kept their composure waiting for the show, the studio has announced the renewal confirmation for season 18 of the show.

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Last Lines

Although the concept of it is quite interesting, making a huge community off it is quite hard but The Apprentice UK has defied all odds and given 17 successful seasons to the show.

Makers have witnessed the potential and spike after 17 seasons of the show and have confirmed 2 more seasons of the show and a possibility for season 20 if things go well. Currently, there is no release date yet,  for The Apprentice UK season 18 but we can expect it earlier.

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