Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Dating: How They Keep Their Relationship Under Wraps!


Love tales are always interesting, but when they involve famous people, that interest is amplified many times over. Since it was initially rumored that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were dating in 2016, their relationship has been the subject of much public speculation.

In this article, we will go into the tale of how the two first met, the milestones that have occurred in their relationship, and the reasons why their love story is worthy of being celebrated.

Who is Taylor Swift?

Take a glance at Taylor Swift before we go into the connection. American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift launched her career in 2006 with the release of her self-titled debut album. She is renowned for her catchy pop songs with accessible lyrics and has received multiple honors for her music.

Who is Joe Alwyn?

On the other hand, Joe Alwyn is a British actor who made his debut in the film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 2016. This picture marked the beginning of his career. Since then, he has had appearances in several movies, some of which include “The Favourite” and “Mary Queen of Scots.

How did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn meet?

In May of 2016, reports began to circulate that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were seeing each other. They are reported to have made an instant connection with one another after meeting for the first time at that year’s Met Gala.

Despite this, the couple kept their relationship a secret for a significant amount of time, and it wasn’t until 2017 that they began to be seen together in public.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Dating How They Keep Their Relationship Under Wraps!

Relationship Milestones

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have kept their romance under wraps ever since they first began dating; yet, the couple has provided fans with a glimpse into their love story through their songs and the postings they make on social media. The following is a list of significant events that have been discussed publicly regarding the couple:

“Gorgeous” song

Several admirers of Taylor Swift believe that her song “Gorgeous,” which she released in 2017, is about Joe Alwyn. The song’s lyrics discuss being drawn to someone while trying to keep a straight face.

Joe Alwyn’s Support During the Reputation Stadium Tour

Joe Alwyn frequently appeared backstage while Taylor Swift was on her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. At one of her concerts, Taylor Swift even sang “Beautiful” in Joe’s honor.

Folklore and Evermore albums

Folklore and Evermore, Taylor Swift’s most recent albums, are reported to have been greatly influenced by her relationship with Joe Alwyn. The songs discuss love, heartache, and discovering joy in unexpected places.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Dating How They Keep Their Relationship Under Wraps!

Why is Their Love Story Worth Celebrating?

There are various reasons to celebrate Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s union. First of all, despite being two of the biggest personalities in entertainment, they have managed to keep their relationship a secret.

Second, some of Taylor Swift’s best songs, which her fans have embraced and related to, were inspired by their love story. Their relationship has lasted longer than many celebrity relationships, and they seem to be truly happy together.


To summarize, the love story between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn is a touching one, and fans have relished the opportunity to watch it unfold.

Even though they are two of the most famous people in the world, they have been able to keep their relationship a secret and continue to motivate audiences via their music and the love that they have for one another.

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