Class of 07 Season 2 Release Date: What Will Happen in Season 2?


Prime Video has giggled the audience with the new comedy series Class of 07. The series features an all-female cast of Australian actors stuck at their high school reunion in the middle of a watery apocalypse.

The show is uniquely portrayed by Kacia Anning where an apocalyptic tidal wave hits during the 10-year reunion of all-girls high school. The show is a captivating take on the survivalist genre, combining gross-out gags with brutal scenes. 

The first season successfully received positive reviews when released on 17th March 2023. Now people are highly anticipating the first season and are more curious to watch the next show. So, when will the Class of ‘07 be released?  To know the answer to this question keep on reading the article. 

Class of 07 Season 2 Release Date

The Australian series definitely has familiar faces. American Gods star Emily Browning portrays Zoe Miller, who clearly isn’t keen on attending the high school’s reunion. Reign’s Caitlin Stasey is Saskia who is determined to help everyone get in shape.

In this episode, an ensemble of women attends their high school reunion, when the waves cut them off from the rest of the world.

Class of ’07 was filmed in and around Sydney and was written in the form of a script, written, produced, and directed by the award-winning Australian screenwriter, producer, and editor Kacie Anning.

It’s not a secret that post-apocalyptic television shows are what we’re seeking right today. Take a look at the successes in The Wilds, Yellowjackets, and, most recently, The Last of Us.

Cast and Character

Class of 07 Season 2 Release Date

  • Emily Browning As Zoe
  • Caitlin Stasey As Saskia
  • Megan Smart As Amelia
  • Claire Lovering As Genevieve
  • Steph Tisdell As Phoebe
  • Emma Horn As Renee
  • Sana’a Shaik As Teresa
  • Rose Flanagan As Laura
  • Chi Nguyen As Megan
  • Shay Cohen As Young Saskia
  • Bernie Van Tiel As Tegan
  • Sarah Krndija As Sandy

When Will the Class of 07 Be Released?

The first show was streamed on 17th March 2023, it is too early to say anything about the release of the next show. The studio has revealed nothing regarding the plot and release date. The films like this take time to be unveiled on the screen, so we can expect the next season will come in 2024.

What is the Plot of Class of 07?

The story starts with Zoe, a reality-TV dating show participant, having a meltdown upon losing. After thoroughly embarrassing herself on television, Zoe decides to move out to the middle of nowhere in order to get away from social ridicule. 

However, a few months into her self-imposed exile, one day, she notices troubling environmental disturbances and drives out to the nearest evacuation center: her old high school. 

Unknowingly stumbling into her own high school 10-year reunion Zeo reconnects with her old friends, Saskia, Sandy, Teresa, and ex-best friend Amelia. Though oblivious to the danger unfolding outside, the group soon realizes that while they have been busy partying, the outside world has been flooded.

Genevieve, the organizer of the reunion, tries to ration food and water while Amelia and Zoe, with a constant fraught tension between them, try to get the radio working to call out for help.

Class of 07 Season 2 Release Date

Meanwhile, Sandy, an American exchange student with an influencer dog, acts as a hindrance to everything around with her constant whining, and Phoebe selfishly uses up their limited electricity supply. 

All their attempts at survival are wrecked by petty arguments and general intolerance. With the responsibility of their collective survival now in their individual hands, the group immediately starts to descend into chaos and ruin without a clear leader to guide them.

Eventually, Saskia, an ex-bully turned redeemed ethical startup owner, takes up the role, knowing she has to regress back to some of her old ways to do so.

However, she regresses back a little too well and ends up putting a passed-out Sandy on a rowboat, and with Zoe’s help, pushes Sandy out to the sea, essentially writing her death certificate.

Now the two have to keep their actions a secret while building a livable environment and keeping everyone alive. What follows is a deep dive into high school traumas, dwindling friendships, and general anarchy— all set in the background of an apocalyptic, hopeless world.

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How Many Reviews the Show Received?

The series’ first show was quite wonderful and captivating, received good reviews and calculated reviews of 7.4/10 rating of 3.4k viewers. After the release of the first show, the audience is eagerly awaiting for next show.

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