Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date and Who Are the Main Characters?


Chapter 99: Solo Max Level Newbie! We sincerely hope you find this Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter to be enjoyable. The most recent installment of a manhwa, widely regarded as one of WAN.Z’s best works of literature, is available here.

The reader will go with our hero as he pursues his quest for power and knowledge throughout the duration of this chapter.

He faces a growing amount of obstacles and foes along the road as he works to become a true master of his trade. Every new obstacle offers him a learning opportunity to deepen his grasp of the world around him and broaden the range of skills he already possesses. Chapter 99 of Solo Max Level Newbie is almost ready for public consumption.

When is the Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date?

Fans are eagerly anticipating Chapter 99 of Solo Max Level Newbie. Everyone wants to know what happens in this captivating manga’s next chapter after the exciting events of Chapter 98.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99

Fortunately, the Chapter 99 publication date has been confirmed. According to sources, Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99 will be released on May 11, 2023, at different times depending on your time zone.

The plot will advance as the protagonist overcomes new challenges and gains new skills and abilities. As a result, mark Chapter 99 of Solo Max Level Newbie on your calendars and get ready to read it when it becomes available.

Recap of Chapter 98

The Gray Temple, which is located on the third floor of the Tower of Trials, is where the priest typically requests that players switch their first jobs. When Jinhyuk Kang and Youngkwon Lee visit the Fight Against Guild offices, Gi-tae Kim and a dozen other magic users greet them.

Jinhyuk Kang, who oversees the primary attack team for Korea’s second-largest group, is raiding with Lee Young-kwon, Yeonsu Ha, and Kim Ki-tae.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99

Jinhyuk will enter the maze with Lee Young-Kwon in charge of engineering about 30 minutes after the preparations are finished. Jinhyuk has a plan to scale the tower and take control of the 51st floor, which determines everyone’s fate.

He chooses to work at Barrier for his first job because it is tough, but he soon discovers that the Brawl Father Guild is not the only group of players in the game after hearing a tremendous commotion coming from the side of the temple.

Who Are the Main Characters in the Solo Max Level Newbie Manhwa?

We’ll discuss the crucial characters in the Solo Max Newbie Manhwa. Kang Jinhyuk is the show’s main character. He streams the games he plays. Tower of Trials is one of his favorite games. However, both the game’s popularity and its subscriber base are declining. As he was preparing to cut all ties to the game, something unexpected happened.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 99

The tower manifests in the physical world, and if humans wish to keep mankind as a whole, they must destroy every floor within ninety days. This is a great opportunity for Jinhyuk to demonstrate his extensive knowledge of the game’s various levels.

But Jinhyuk won’t work for anything. He prefers to take control of the Tower of Trials and make life difficult for everyone else. Some of the other characters are Teresa De Laurentia, Kimb Gitae, Hana Park, and Alice von Ataraxia. To discover more about each character, you must read the manhwa.


In conclusion, Solo Max Level Newbie is an absorbing manhwa that chronicles Kang Jinhyuk’s quest to conquer the video game Tower of Trials. On May 11, 2023, Chapter 99 will be released, in which he will encounter new difficulties and develop new abilities.

Other significant characters including Teresa De Laurentia, Kimb Gitae, Hana Park, and Alice von Ataraxia are present alongside him. Readers must enter this thrilling world of gaming and adventure to learn more about their roles and the story.

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