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Beyond Paradise is a BBC  crime drama which is created by Robert Thorogood. The series premiered on February 24, 2023. It is a spin-off of the long-running crime series Death in Paradise and the star is Kris Marshall.

The Executive producers are Tim Key, Tony Jordan, Belinda Campbell, Alex Jones, and Kris Marshall. The producer of this series is Lindsay Hughes.

Talented stars Sally Bretton, Kris Marshall, Zahra Ahmadi, Dylan Llewellyn, Felicity Montagu, and Barbara Flynn.

Beyond Paradise Season 2: A newly released BBC show Beyond Paradise is creating waves all over the world, For all those who love the show ‘Death From Paradise’, this show comes as a treat, Beyond Paradise Season 1 is now available to watch on BBC with 6 episodes.

All the episodes of the show are around 45-50 minutes long and like every other show released these days, this show also ends with many questions and thoughts for season 2, many of you might be asking about the same and here we are with information on the same.  

When Will Beyond Paradise Season 2 Come Out?

As per our sources, season 2 of the show is already confirmed after the bumper and positive response from all over the world, the official announcement regarding the renewal is yet to be made by the makers but as per sources, the makers are planning the season 2 And if all goes well, you will get another season of the show by the end of 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Season 1 Of Beyond Paradise?

In Episode 1- Humphrey settles into his new position as DI of Shipton Abbott police station and is convinced by a woman in a mysterious case that she was indoctrinated by a seventeenth-century local legend of a witch who steals children, a Loves being a petty thief, and stealing many red cars.

Humphrey and his fiancee, Martha, who is pregnant from IVF treatment. She stays with her mother while Martha looks for a place to open a cafe. Humphrey solves crimes but he and Martha are wracked by personal tragedy.

Beyond Paradise Season 2

In episode 2- Humphrey and Esther are called to an open house where the family, Matthew and Laura Colbert and their two children, have disappeared, leaving an evening meal unfinished, the lights on television, and the car still in the driveway. PC Kelby looks for clues: pieces of plastic from a broken headlight are what hit-and-run.

Following her personal tragedy, Martha prepares to open her own cafe but the bank refuses to give her a loan and Humphrey buys a boat, putting a strain on their relationship.

Humphrey returns home and the hit-and-run victim’s missing keys and a mobile phone lead him to a solution. Martha is given a lifeline by Archie Hughes, the owner of a local vineyard, to whom she had been previously engaged. Humphrey misses the cafe opening to save Colbert’s life.

In episodes 3 & 4 – A painting titled Solo Mare is being kept under cover at Shipton Manor overnight before being sold to Lewis Fitzalan by owner Terence Witham at the time of its unveiling the following morning. PC Kelby is appointed by Humphrey to stay in the room overnight.

When the painting is unveiled it leaves its frame and walks away. PC Kelby can only give an explanation for a short power cut and a man in an orange baseball cap walking home and out of his room for only a few minutes.

Humphrey and Esther investigate the provenance of a painting that may lead to a motive for the theft. Humphrey is called to the South West Police Hub to meet the Chief Superintendent and have a beer with Archie, Martha’s previous fiance.

A man is found dead of a suspected heart attack in the middle of a newly built crop circle at North Farm, with no identity and the last page of the novel Great Expectations hidden in his sock.

Beyond Paradise Season 2

The investigation found his car at an illegal rave 10 miles away, with a map of North Farm. The farm is the center of several scenes of exotic ships that owners brother and sister Andrew and Cassie Parker use to supplement the farm’s income.

Further investigation reveals that his estranged father had recently died in prison, serving a sentence for robbery of gold bullion, and never recovered. Martha is intrigued by a food critic who arrives to review the cafe.

She also tells Humphrey that she does not want to continue with IVF treatment and Archie tries to rekindle their romance with a kiss.

In Episode 5 – Three fires twelve hours apart, the last one at Archie’s winery with the word PIG. Humphrey suspects that the arsonists are using the children’s story Three Little Pigs as a motive as he and Esther Can have no connection between the victims. The only clue is the silver button found in the first fire.

Kelby finds CCTV evidence at a boat shed where the paint and petrol were stolen and Esther, as a mother, knows the suspect and what a mother would do to protect her daughter.

Archie lets Humphrey slip during a misunderstanding, he tries to kiss Martha and Archie has heart-to-heart talks between Humphrey and Esther, and finally, Humphrey and Martha break off their engagement to Humphrey. 

Beyond Paradise Season 2

In Episode 6- Lucy Elliott’s house is burgled and fingerprints and a boot print found at the scene are traced to his ex-girlfriend Hayley Collins, who was in the police station cells at the time of the robbery.

The modus operandi of the theft was that of known local thief Atticus Stiles, who lived within a hundred yards of the burglary, but had an alibi. Elliot’s solicitor Kate Nolan, his current girlfriend, worked for the firm that has represented Styles in the past.

Esther struggles with the case as Humphrey, distracted by his personal problems, is unable to give the case his full attention.

Unable to resolve his personal problems, Humphrey leaves Shipton Abbot for a holiday at St Mary’s and reunites with old friends Commissioners Patterson and Catherine, and meets the current police team led by DI Neville Parker. There is also an unexpected second reunion at St. Mary’s.

Who Is A Cast Member Of Beyond Paradise Season 2?

Beyond Paradise Season 2

  • Kris Marshall as DI Humphrey Goodman
  • Sally Bretton as Martha Lloyd, Humphrey’s fiancée
  • Barbara Flynn as Anne Lloyd, Martha’s mother
  • Zahra Ahmadi as DS Esther Williams
  • Dylan Llewellyn as PC Kelby Hartford
  • Felicity Montagu as Margo Martins, office support
  • Chris Jenks as Josh Woods, a petty thief
  • Jamie Bamber as Archie Hughes, Martha’s business partner, and ex-fiance
  • Jade Harrison as Chief Superintendent Charlotte (Charlie) Woods

Where To Watch Beyond Paradise Season 2?

We can watch Beyond Paradise on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream Beyond Paradise by renting or purchasing on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. We are able to stream Beyond Paradise for free on Pluto.

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Final Words

Beyond Paradise continues to captivate audiences with its intriguing blend of crime, and suspense. Although the BBC has not officially announced it, it is rumored that production will begin in the summer of 2023. As the final episode of Death in Paradise on the BBC, a sequel to Beyond Paradise is also expected to air.

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