Actually I Am Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Not? Plotline, Cast, and More Details


“Actually I Am” is a Popular Anime With a Strong Fan Base Due to Its Intriguing Plot and Endearing Characters. “Actually I Am” Season 1 Received Positive Reviews From Both Spectators and Critics. The Public Responded Well to the Sitcom, Which Was Known for Its Breezy Humor and Sad Moments.

The Unique Blend of Comedy and Drama, Combined With Well-developed Characters, Made It an Instant Hit With Genre Fans. The First Season’s Success Laid the Framework for High Hopes for the Upcoming Season.

The First Season Left Viewers Wanting More, Which Begged the Question, “When Will “Actually I Am” Season 2 Be Released?” in This Essay, We Examine the Current Status of the Release Date as Well as What Viewers May Expect From the Highly Anticipated Second Season.

Will Season 2 Of Actually I Am – Cancelled or Renewed?

The Requirement for Additional New Material Has Necessitated Renewal. Actually, I’m Preparing for a Challenging Second Season. Anime Adaptations of Light Novels, Comic Books, or Video Games Are Often Nothing More Than Glorified Marketing for the Source Material. As a Result, They Can Only Exist if Advertisements Are Made Available to the Whole Public.

The Final Chapter of Jitsu Wa Watashi War Was Released in March 2017. As a result, if No Additional Manga Volumes Are Withdrawn, the Anime May Never Return as Long as People Continue to Demand More and the Potential of a Sequel Remains. If Fans Want It, TMS Entertainment (and 3xcube) May Elect to Continue Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa for a Second Season.

Actually I Am Season 2 Release Date

Release Date of Actually I Am Season 2

Season 2 of “Actually I Am” Has Yet to Get an Official Release Date. The Production Team, as well as the Cast and Crew, Are Working Tirelessly to Bring the Next Installment to the Big Screen.

It’s Vital to Recognize That Creating a Web Series Entails Numerous Steps, Including Scripting, Shooting, Editing, and Post-production, All of Which Might Affect the Final Release Schedule.

We’ve Been Waiting for Season 2 of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa to Return for Almost Five Years. Although the Anime Was Not Well Received by Reviewers, It Did Have an Impact on a Large Number of People.

Even Now, Many People Wish It Would Return. Despite the High Level of Demand, None of the Show’s Producers Has Confirmed That the Rom-com Would Return. There is Still a Sizable Populace Who Believes a Comeback in 2025.

Expected Cast of Actually I Am Season 2

This Show Features Some Well-known and Talented Actors, Including.

Character Japanese Voice Artist
Aizawa, Nagisa Minase, Inori
Akemi, Mikan Ueda, Reina
Koumoto, Akane Ichimichi, Mao
Kuromine, Asahi Hanae, Natsuki
Shiragami, Youko Serizawa, Yuu
Koumoto, Akari Nitta, Emi
Okada, Kanade Hirakawa, Daisuke

What is the Storyline of Actually I Am?

The First Season of Actually I Am Introduced the Main Characters and Established Their Backstories. There Are Other Exceptional Students Besides Youko, Despite the Fact That She is a Vampire, as We Now Know. Nagisa Aizawa, Asahi’s Friend, is a Werewolf, and Akane Koumoto, the School Nurse, is a Witch.

Shiho Shishido, Asahi’s Best Friend, is Also Holding a Secret From Him: She Has Feelings for Him. As the Season Progresses, Asahi Strives to Communicate His Emotions for Youko While Keeping Her Secret From the Rest of the School.

Actually I Am Season 2 Release Date

How Many Episodes Will Be There in Actually I Am Season 2?

The Production Studio Has Not Officially Announced the Exact Number of Episodes for Season 2 of Actually, I Am. However, Based on the Previous Season, Which Consisted of Thirteen Episodes, the Second Season is Expected to Follow the Same Format.

This Anime Series is a Beloved Adaptation of Eiji Masuda’s Light Novel Series, and It Tells the Story of a Teenage Boy Who Discovers That He is an Alien With Extraordinary Powers. Fans of the Show Can Anticipate Another Exciting Season With Captivating Plot Twists and Character Growth.

What to Expect From Actually I Am Season 2?

With the First Season’s Success, Anticipation for “Actually I Am” Season 2 is at an All-time High. Viewers Are Excited to Continue the Adventure With Their Favorite Characters and Experience Fresh Plot Twists and Turns. The Second Season is Expected to Go Further Into the Characters’ Lives, Create New Plotlines, and Include More Comedy, Emotions, and Relatable Moments.

Season 2 of “Actually I Am” Necessitates Meticulous Planning and Execution. The Creative Team Strives to Create a Season That Not Only Meets but Exceeds the Expectations of the Public. Each Process, From Script Preparation to Casting and Filming, is Done With the Goal of Providing a Seamless and Entertaining Viewing Experience. While the Procedure is Time-consuming, the Team’s Efforts Ensure That Fans Have an Exciting Season to Look Forward to.

The Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa Manga Was Published in 22 Volumes Between 2013 and 2017. Only the First Eight Volumes Were Presented in the Series’ Initial Season.

So the Studio Still Has More Than Enough Material for a New Season. ‘Actually I Am’ Season 2 Will Most Likely Follow the Tale of the Next Eight Volumes of the Manga (Beginning With Chapter 68), as well as Certain Chapters From Previous Volumes That Did Not Make It Into the Manga.

Actually I Am Season 2 Trailer

Actually, I Am’s Season 2 Trailer is Currently Unavailable. We Sincerely Regret Any Inconvenience. Watch the Official Trailer of Season 1 Below Here.

Actually I Am Series Ratings

So Far, Reviews of Actually I Am‘s Second Season Have Been Positive. The Show’s Compelling Storytelling and Engaging Nature Have Won Over Many Fans. Users on Myanimelist Rated It 7.3/10, While Users on IMDb Gave It a 6/10. Comedy, Romance, and Character Development Have All Been Praised in the Series.

Where Can You Watch the Actually I Am Series?

There Are a Few Options If You Want to View the Popular Anime Series, Actually, I Am. If You Like to Watch the Show for Free, Tubi Has It in Both English and Japanese With Subtitles. Actually, I Am is Also Accessible With English Subtitles on Crunchyroll for Those Willing to Pay a Membership Fee.

Both Systems Provide High-quality Viewing and Are Compatible With a Variety of Devices. Whether You Are an Experienced Anime Lover or Are New to the Genre, These Platforms Offer Excellent Options for Watching I Am and Other Popular Anime Shows.


Season 2 of “Actually, I Am” is Eagerly Awaited by Web Series Fans. Despite the Fact That No Official Release Date Has Been Announced. The Production Team’s Dedication, as well as the Fans’ Love and Support, Make the Wait Worthwhile. Viewers Can Expect Another Season Full of Laughter, Tears, and Gripping Storytelling That Will Keep Them Enthralled From Start to Finish.

Are You Excited to See What Happens in Season 2? What Do You Think Will Happen Next on the Show?  Leave Your Thoughts in the Comments Area. For Additional Information, Please Visit Our Website.

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