Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Season 1 Officially Confirmed! Release Date, Plot & Everything to Know


Hoshikuzu Telepath, We Have Some Exciting News for You. The Series Will Launch Later This Year! This Announcement Has Heightened Manga Fans’ and Anime Weebs‘ Excitement and Interest Even Further! Rasuko Okuma’s Hoshikuzu Telepath is a Four-paneled Manga Series That Debuted in 2019 and is Still Ongoing.

If You’re One of These Curious People, Keep Reading Because This Article Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the Confirmed Release Date, Spoilers, What Will Happen in Season 1, Trailer, and Where You Can Watch It, as well as Insights Into the Show’s Popularity and Fan Hype.

Hoshikuzu Telepath Season 1 Release Date

Yes! The Four-paneled Hoshikuzu Telepath Manga Has Been Officially Revealed to Be Converted Into an Anime Series in 2022. This Series’ Release Date Has Now Been Confirmed as October 2023!

Fans Are Overjoyed to Hear This and Are Already Looking Forward to a Fantastic Anime Adaptation of the Manga. The Actual Day in October 2023 Will Be Announced Soon, So Stay Tuned!

Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Season 1 Release Date

Hoshikuzu Telepath Animes Cast

Here are the following cast members of the show:

Character Japanese Voice Artist
Akeuchi, Yuu Fukagawa, Seria
Konohoshi, Umika Funato, Yurie
Raimon, Matataki Aoki, Shiki
Takaragi, Haruno Nagamuta, Moe

Other cast Members include:

Staff Member Name Other Works
Animation Production Studio Gokumi Phantom of the Idol
Director Kaori Yuyushiki
Series Composition Kaori, Natsuko Takahashi Yuyushiki
Character Design Takahiro Sakai Yuki Yuna Is a Hero

What Is The Storyline Of Hoshikuzu Telepath?

The Plot of Hoshikuzu Telepath Centers on the Story of Umika Konohoshi, a Young Teenage Girl Who Has Struggled With Establishing Friends Her Entire Life Due to Her Shy, Timid, and Introverted Nature.

To Make Matters Worse, She Has Difficulty Talking With Others, Leading to a Very Lonely High School Existence; Umika Feels as if She is Not One of Them; She Has Always Considered Herself an Alien and Outsider Who Would Never Fit in Among the People Around Her.

Umika‘s Secluded and Communal Life, However, Takes a Dramatic Shift When a New Transfer Student Y Enters Her School and Gradually Penetrates Her Life.

Y Says to Her That She is a Literal Alien With Telepathic Skills That Can Read Other People’s Minds and Desires by Touching Their Foreheads, Much to Umika’s Amazement Until Y Verifies Her Words by Reading Umika’s Desire!

The Two Will Go Through Numerous Adventures and Moments Together and Will Be Unstoppable on Their Trip to Space! Will the Girls Succeed or Fail in Their Mission?

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Hoshikuzu Telepath?

The Amount of Episodes in This Series Has Not Yet Been Made Public. Still, It’s Safe to Presume That the Anime Series, Like Regular Animes, Would Have 10-12 Episodes Lasting More Than Half an Hour.

Hoshikuzu Telepath Series Popularity

If You’re Seeking a Lighthearted, Comedic Coming-of-age Anime Featuring Science Fiction, Drama, Yuri, and Friendship Themes, Hoshikuzu Telepath is the Show for You!

The Exhibition Follows the Adventures of a Shy Young Girl and a Strange Quirky Self-proclaimed Otherworldly Person With Telepathic Skills; Fans of the Yuri Animes Appreciated Umika and Y’s Friendship and Interactions in the Manga Series, Fans Are Delighted to Watch Their Favorite Characters Come to Life on the Big Screen Because the Anime Will Follow the Original Plot!

Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Season 1 Release Date

Hoshikuzu Telepath Season 1 Trailer

Unfortunately, No Trailer Has Been Released as of Yet, but We Will Soon Learn About a Hoshikuzu Telepath Trailer Release as the Anime Premiere Approaches.

Where Can You Watch Hoshikuzu Telepath Series?

The Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Series Will Be a Welcome Addition to the Genre When It Premieres in October 2023. This Intriguing New Series Will Follow the Adventures of a Little Girl Who Can Read People’s Minds as She Attempts to Make Sense of Her Remarkable Skill. Anime Fans May Relax Because Crunchyroll Has Been Confirmed as the Show’s Official Streaming Home.

This Implies That the Entire Series Will Be Available on One of the Most Popular Anime Streaming Services, Allowing Fans to See It All at Once. Because It is Fascinating, the Hoshikuzu Telepath Will Appeal to All Anime Enthusiasts.

Hoshikuzu Telepath Series Ratings

We Discovered That the Hoshikuzu Telepath Anime Does Not Have a Rating on  MyAnimeList. Some Viewers May Be Disappointed by This, Given the Site’s Popularity Among Anime Fans as a Means of Evaluating the Quality and Reception of a Show.

Because Myanimelist Ratings Are Crowdsourced, It’s Possible That the Anime Requires More Attention or Reviews to Be Ranked. We Ask That Viewers Continue to Debate the Show With One Another, as well as Consider the Rating and Performance to Help Bring It to New Viewers.


Fans of the Original Hoshikuzu Telepath Manga Series, as well as New Viewers Interested in the Yuri Anime, Are Eagerly Awaiting the Release of the Anime! The Series’ Official Release Date Has Been Set for October 2023.

This is Good News for Us Fans; the Series Will Undoubtedly Be Highly Popular Due to Its Fantastic Cast and Narrative. If You Want to Stay Up to Speed on Details About This Show, Make Sure to Check Back our website!

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