John Elway Net Worth: How Did John Elway Get So Rich?


John Elway Jr. played quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the NFL. After being selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft, he was traded to the Denver Broncos. He made the vast majority of his $150 million fortune as an NFL player.

John Elway’s Net Worth

As Previously Said, John Elway Had a Net Worth of $150 Million During His Football Career. He Earned Around $200 Million in Salary and Sponsorship Deals. He Began Preparing to Become a Coach After Retiring From Active Football. He became a Coach With His Favorite Denver Broncos. 

He Then Became the Manager of the Denver Broncos, a Position He Currently Holds. His Current Contract is Worth $30 Million Over Ten Years. His Annual Income is Estimated to Be Approximately $3 Million. Did You Know He Could Have Gotten 10% of the Denver Broncos at One Point? He Was Given 10% but Declined.

Quick Facts About John Elway

Name John Elway
Net Worth (2023) $150 Million
Profession American executive
Monthly Income And Salary $1 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $12 Million +
Last Updated 2023

John Elway Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023 $150 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $137 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $128 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $117 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $104 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $92 Million

He Owns Properties in Both Denver and New York State, Each of Which Are Valued at $20 Million. Do You Know That He Occasionally Tries to Invest in New Businesses?

But, for the Most Part, He Has Failed in All of His Ventures. According to the New York Times Piece, He Has Lost Over $30 Million in These Ventures. Keep Checking Back for More Celebrity News.

Car Dealerships

Under the Brand Name John Elway Autos, John Elway Founded Five Car Dealerships. The Businesses in Denver Were Sold to Autonation in 1997 for $82.5 Million. 

The Agreement Also Allowed Autonation to Utilize Elway’s Name in Marketing Until 2006. Elway Was Able to Re-enter the Auto Dealership Market Under His Own Name After the Contract Expired in 2006.

In the Years Afterwards, John Has Opened Two Toyota Scion Dealerships in California, One Chevrolet Dealership in Colorado, One Chrysler Jeep Dealership in Colorado, and One Cadillac Franchise Under the Sonic Automotive Brand.

Potential Ownership of Broncos

John Elway Had the Opportunity to Buy What Would Later Be a Very Profitable Interest in the Denver Broncos Organization. As John’s Career Was Winding Down in the Late 1990’s, Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen Offered Elway a 10% Interest in the Organization for $15 Million. 

John Elway Net Worth

The Agreement Also Included the Opportunity for Elway to Gain an Additional 10% if He Refused to Accept the $21 Million in Salary He Was Entitled at the Time. He Would Have Also Been Bowlen’s Special Assistant and the Broncos’ Coo (Which Would Have Come With Its Own Compensation).

In Other Words, if John Contributed $15 Million in Cash and Forfeited $21 Million in Future Earnings, He Would Own 20% of the Broncos. That equates to $36 Million for a 20% Stake in an Nfl Team. Pat Bowlen Valued the Broncos at $180 Million Based on Those Figures.

The Agreement Also Permitted Elway to Resell His Stake for a $5 Million Premium Plus 8% Interest Per Year Since the Initial Purchase. Finally, if the Bowlen Family Decides to Sell the Entire Franchise, Elway Will Have First Dibs. Elway Declined to Pursue the Transaction.

This Proved to Be a Disastrous Decision. Pat Bowlen’s Heirs Agreed to Sell the Broncos to Walmart Heir Rob Walton for $4.5 Billion on June 6, 2022. As a result, if Elway Had Secured the 20% Interest, He Would Have Collected $900 Million When the Franchise Sold.

John Elway ‘s Career

After Earning a Reputation as a Football Player in High School, John Was Drafted by the Baltimore Colts After Graduating With a Degree in Economics.

Elway Was Not Interested in Playing for the Baltimore Colts Because They Were Not Even Among the Richest Nfl Teams. He Threatened to Leave the Nfl and Pursue a Career With the New York Yankees if He Was Not Promptly Dealt and Got His Way.

Elway Was Moved to the Denver Broncos in the First Round, Which Proved to Be a Wise Decision as John Quickly Established Himself as One of the Team’s Top Players. He Even Guided the Broncos to Their First American Football Conference Championship in Over a Decade.

Thanks to John, the Broncos’ Offense Became the Best in the NFL in 1997, and He Was Regarded as a Key Component in Their Success. While With the Broncos, John Appeared in Five Super Bowls, Two of Which His Team Won, Breaking Numerous Records and Becoming an International Celebrity.

After Retiring as a Football Player in 1999, John Moved on to Build Various Enterprises That Succeeded Under His Leadership. His Most Successful Business Was an Automotive Dealership He Started in Denver in the 1990s, Which Evolved Into Seven Additional Auto Franchises.

Elway Then Opted to Sell the Majority of His Ownership in the Auto Business in 2001, Earning $82.5 Million for His Stake. In 2001, John’s Father Died of a Heart Attack, and the Following Year, Sorrow Struck Again With the Death of His Twin Sister Jana From Lung Cancer.

Currently, John Spends More Time With His Family and Coaches His Beloved Denver Broncos, Who Feature Von Miller, an Amazing Linebacker.

John Elway’ s Personal Life

In 1984, John Married Janet Buchan, With Whom He Had Four Children: Jordan, Jack, Jessica, and Juliana. John’s Father Died of a Heart Attack in 2001, Which Devastated Him Because He Considered His Father to Be One of His Best Friends.

To Make Matters Worse, His Twin Sister Jana Died of Lung Cancer the Following Year, and in the Midst of All of This Misery, John’s Wife Abandoned Him in 2002, and the Pair Divorced in 2003. In 2001, Sadness Struck Again With the Death of His Twin Sister Jana From Lung Cancer the Following Year.

Final Words

As one of the best and most recognized quarterbacks of the league, John Elway was offered multiple endorsements deals with brands such as Nestle, Neptune Krill Oil, Sprint, Chevrolet, and Shriners Hospitals.

John Elway’s Football Career Net Worth Was $150 Million, as Previously Stated. Moreover, If you really liked this article, then you can also bookmark our website for more future posts like this.

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