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The son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Prince Haji “Abdul” Azim of Brunei, passes away at the mere age of 38.

Although death is an inevitable entity, some people cannot accept its arrival, be it sudden or expected. As such, the scepticism brought about by these deaths is what is responsible for the immense grief in people. Furthermore, this year of 2020 has been particularly brutal to the entertainment industry worldwide.

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The sudden demise of the revered Hollywood actor, Chadwick Boseman, had already shaken the internet when news of the passing of Prince Azim arrived. This incident left Hollywood unable to recover from the corresponding anguish that it brought along. The film producer, whom people knew for his extravagant lifestyle, met a somewhat unexpected demise on October 24, 2020.

Regarding: Prince Azim

Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim stood as the Nation of Brunei’s subsequent leader, the Abode of Peace. He was born on July 29, 1982, as the first child to father Hassanal BolkiahBrunei’s contemporary Sultan, and mother, Pengiran Isteri Mariam. With his position as the fourth successor to Brunei’s command, the doyen grew up in the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan. Consequently, he emanated from the imperial House of Bolkiah.

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The follower of Sunni Islam received his education from the Jerudong International School situated in Brunei and the distinguished Raffles InstitutionPrince Azim pursued his higher education from the prominent establishment of the University of Oxford Brookes. Nevertheless, in the year 2008, he discontinued his formal military training curriculum of nine months. Consequently, he abandoned the Royal Military Academy program in Sandhurst or RMA Sandhurst, after but a week.

Career: Prince Azim

Prince Azim worked with a filmmaker’s status in Hollywood through the Daryl Prince Production firm situated in England, London. Works engendered by him include the popular drama film of 2014, You’re Not You. The list also comprises opuses like the horror film released in 2015, Dark Place, and Wild Oats (2016). Additionally, the prince has created pieces encompassing The Time of Their Lives (2017), plus the 2018 adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s book, The Happy Prince.

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Nevertheless, the Sharia law’s introduction, which condemns adultery and homosexuality by the present Sultan, brought negative feedback from significant figures in the entertainment industry. Consequently, people began to boycott properties under Brunei. The following controversies prevented Prince Azim from attending the investor’s social gathering for his film. Nonethelessthe personality worked hard to earn overall merit worth an astounding five billion USD throughout his career.

Charity: Prince Azim

Prince Azim had always extensively involved himself in charitable vocations. The entire proceedings he received from the unisex bags fabricated on behalf of MCM in 2009 went as alms. He donated the entire amount to the U.K.-based organization, Make A Wish Foundation. Furthermore, being an avid supporter of fine arts, he offered considerable financial aid for just causes such as encouraging the youth and the people suffering from specific disabilities.

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Moreover, Prince Azim advocated fair treatment of autistic persons. He urged the general public to behave towards them, akin to their family, employing love and compassion. Consequently, he arranged an event for May of 2011 at the Empire Hotel. Alongside the matter’s campaigns, the imperial doyen attended the second AAN Congress, held on April 27, 2013.

Passing: Prince Azim

Prince Azim met an untimely demise on October 24, 2020, in the vicinity of the Jerudong Park Medical Centre located in Brunei. Speculations based on demise followed the news as authorities did not disclose any statements on the reason. Many believe that he had been suffering for an extended period from potential liver cancer. However, on October 27, 2020, Prince Azim‘s brother, Prince Mateen, claimed it was due to persistent infections indicating multi-organ failure, following an autoimmune disease. As such, the root remains unknown.


The funeral transpired on the death day per Islamic customs. Consequently, Brunei’s government announced that the nation would enter a bereavement epoch of a week. They commanded to take down every national flag till half-mast. Many celebrities and other dignitaries paid respects to the royal prince and offered commiserations to his family.

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The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, informs the people to prepare themselves for the tropical storm Zeta.

The worst entity that can cause extensive and sometimes unrepairable damage to the surroundings is not human beings but nature itself. Among these destructive forces, hurricanes or tornadoes are the ones that are the most feared by people.

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Once such a force strikes, it takes months to recover the area. Therefore, what happens when the recovery is yet incomplete, but another hurricane hits the same spot as the prior one? Then, of course, disaster ensues. Such is what will transpire in Louisiana should the tropical storm Zeta hit there.

Predicament: Zeta

Louisiana must prepare for the destruction that the tropical storm Zeta will cause. Currently approaching the Gulf Coast of the United States of America, the storm’s potential impact terrifies both authorities and locals. For Louisiana, who has yet to recover from the destruction bequeathed by Laura and Delta hurricanes, this situation could turn out to an imminent disaster. The year 2020 has ascertained to be an active hurricane season for Louisiana. Moreover, it could become record-setting for the state.


Thus far, scientists and researchers expect the catastrophe to reach the designated area by October 28, 2020. Zeta will be the fifth to ensue, following the hurricanes Cristobal, Marco, Laura, and Delta. Reports suggest that as of October 26, 2020, Zeta was about a distance of 250 miles in Cozumel’s southeast direction in Mexico. Researchers expect the maximum sustained wind to be 60mph with a travel speed of 2mph. Furthermore, they also predict the storm to strengthen into a hurricane by October 27, 2020.

Prior Destruction: Zeta

The locals do not fear the arrival of the tropical storm Zeta and its damage. They dread the people’s inability to recuperate from the losses stacked by the previous storms. Should the tempest downgrade after developing into a hurricane, the damage caused would be relatively inconsiderable.

ffb3f667 03a5 45c1 b08b 4ec54cb2a420 AFP AFP 1WT10R scaledNevertheless, if such a favourable scenario will not transpire, the state will suffer from significant losses. Hurricane Laura brought about the last such impairment. It destroyed firmly established structures and cost the lives of over 25 people. Soon after, Delta struck, setting off even more damage, both to life and property.

Official Statements: Zeta

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwardsannounced that both the residents and the authorities do not have any choice but to “roll-up” their sleeves. He meant to say that they have nothing to do but brace themselves for the inevitable impact. However, he states that will the expected advent by this week, they have but a few days to prepare themselves. Furthermore, during such a hurricane season, a tropical threat on top of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency is exceptionally challenging. Nonetheless, Edwards assures that the situation is manageable for the people there.

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President Donald Trump may still not unveil his alternative to the Affordable Care Act even in case of re-election.

Presidential elections have a significant impact on people’s lives, whether they vote for the candidate or not. As such, such elections must be organized carefully, with the necessary campaigns by the candidates. Whether the people will re-elect the contemporary President Donald Trump or allow the promotion of Joe Biden remains one of the most discussed topics of 2020.

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The 2020 re-election for the post of President of the United States of America is approaching fast. Therefore, people must sensibly and judiciously decide for whom to vote. Consequently, at the moment, what plays the most vital role in the people’s decision is the Affordable Care Act or the ACA.

About: Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and as the Obamacare offhandedly. Endorsed by the 111th United States Congress, it is a federal decree in the United States of America. On March 23, 2010, the then President, Barack Obama, signed the act into law. The ACA, in association with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, passed in 2010, acts as a representative of the functionality of the U.S. healthcare system.

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Additionally, the law imposed a host of reforms of the delivery system that aimed at restraining the cost of extensive healthcare while improving its quality. The act’s primary purpose was to preserve the prevailing Medicaid and Medicare structure and the employer market. Nevertheless, this decision led to the fundamental overhauling of the individual markets. As per the act, it became mandatory to purchase insurance that covered a catalogue of ‘essential health benefits.’

Opposition: Affordable Care Act

The ACA did not pass without incessant disapprovals. Even after its enactment, it received unceasing repeal calls and legal challenges as well. Initial polls unveiled the majority opposition by the Americans before acquiring the preponderance backing in the year 2017. Nevertheless, people started to question the decree’s constitutionality following the decision of President Donald Trump in 2019. The pronouncement by Trump enjoined the withdrawal of the federal tax penalty incurred by the ACA’s violation.

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Should President win the upcoming re-election, the chances of not disclosing the promised healthcare plan seem prevalent. While many do not encourage the change in the healthcare system, others do not seem to mind any replacement plan in the ACA’s retraction. Nonetheless, Trump assures people that the alternative to the ACA will far better and at a more reasonable expense than its predecessor.

Unveiled Policies: Affordable Care Act

In September of 2020, at a North Carolina campaign, President Donald Trump disclosed a compendium of proposals on healthcare. The proposal termed the America First Healthcare Plan was, however, not a concrete plan. It consisted of a vague collection of assertions, particularly those related to lowering drug costs and improving healthcare facilities’ accessibility in rural areas.

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However, the present President did not reveal any further claims on the matter after the speech. Working at George Mason UniversityLen Nichols, a health policy professor, affirmed that Trump liked to use empty words. Moreover, he believes that the President does not have a substantive policy as of yet. Finally, he concluded by stating that he was unsure of President Trump‘s operations in the second term rather than abolishing the Affordable Care Act.

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Clocks will revert from the Daylight Saving Time, initiated in March, on November 1 this year.

On the night transitioning from Saturday to Sunday, Belgium will return to wintertime. Therefore, what is three o’clock on Sunday morning will essentially be two o’clock in Belgium. As such, the country in Europe will acquire an extra hour of darkness. People label this exciting occurrence as Daylight Saving Time (DST) or Daylight Time. Many parts of the world implement it.

daylight saving time clock

This phenomenon is a directive of 2001 that controls the transition from summer to wintertime, and back and forth. All states in Europe alter their time on the last weekend in March and again in October. People follow this introduction as a means of saving energy. Nevertheless, the precise efficacy of this act is still unknown.

About: Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time (DST), called Daylight Time in the United States of America and Canada and Summer Time in the United Kingdom and the European Union, is the custom of setting the clock to advance by an hour in spring receding by the same time in autumn. It is done in the warmer months to allow darkness to fall later every day following the clock. Thus, the people adhering to the practice experience a 23-hour day in early spring or late winter and a 25-hour day in autumn.

illustration world Daylight Saving Time

The German Empire and people in Austra-Hungary primarily followed the idea, which was first proposed by George Hudson in 1985. Furthermore, the practice gained recognition when several people started following it during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Nonetheless, DST is not observable near the equator as the dawn and dusk periods do not vary too much. Therefore, only a minority of the world population obey the practice.

OccurrenceDaylight Saving Time

The Daylight Saving Time generally begins during summer and ends just before the onset of winter. Nonetheless, the dates have changed eventually due to external influence. Initiating from 2007, DST commences on the second Sunday in March in the United States of America. Consequently, people shift their clocks forward by an hour at 2 A.M. local standard time. The period concludes on the first Sunday of November, with people adjusting the time back by an hour simultaneously. This year, DST commenced on March 8, 2020, and will terminate on November 1, 2020.

InconveniencesDaylight Saving Time

The act of adhering to the DST clock shifts occasionally complicates timekeeping. Thus, it can negatively affect travel, record keeping, billing, heavy equipment, sleep pattern, and medical devices. Although computer software can automatically regulate the clocks, policy changes related to DST dates’ varied jurisdiction may be perplexing.

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After obtaining the results from a public consultation, the European Commission recommended removing this seasonal time change, commencing from 2019. Nevertheless, the authorities postponed the decision until 2021. An 83% majority of the Belgian populace was in favour of the abolishment of the system. Among them, 50% of the reviews preferred winter time and 45% in the summertime.

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The CEO of Richmond, Brendon Gale, counters the allegations made against the Tigers that labelled them as arrogant

Viewers and fans, in general place sports teams under severe criticism for their actions, be how trivial it may be. We may attribute this behaviour to the fact that fans like to picture these players and contestants in their desired light. As such, when the players turn out to be different than imagined, fans tend to label them with offensive words like ‘arrogant’.

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The same situation transpired with the Richmond Football Club, or more popularly known as the Tigers. Nevertheless, CEO Brendon Dale stepped forward to defend his team against such baseless accusations. He used the term ‘laughable’ to describe the allegations against the Tigers.

About: Tigers

The Richmond Football Clubor the Tigers, is a professional football club that adheres to the Australian rules. The club participates in what is considered football’s premier competition, the Australian Football League or the AFL. After the commencement of the team in 1885, they played in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond till the year 1907. After that, the Tigers contested in the Victorian Football Association (VFA), currently called the AFL, and secured a total of two premierships. Richmond became a part of the AFL in 1908. Consequently, as of 2020, the team has obtained thirteen premierships to date.

1200px Richmond Tigers logo.svgThe Tigers’ uniform generally comprises a black guernsey in association to a yellow sash. Additionally, the team, with coach as Damien Hardwick, has Trent Cotchin as its current captain. Five of the team’s players, namely Kevin BartlettRoyce HartIan StewartJack Dyer and finally, Kevin Sheedy, have instated their names as ‘Legends’ into the list of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Indictments: Tigers

A series of events led to people labelling the Tigers as arrogant. Viewers dished out this criticism as the result of the observed lack of discipline this season, especially in their match against the Lions. The allegations were concerning the fact that Shai Bolton, Marlion Pickett and Dustin Martin wasted the four separate 50m penalties for a 15-point loss. Fans have perceived this absence of regulation not only on-field but off-field as well. As such, the team’s humility came under question as a result.


Furthermore, the authorities spotted players Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones disregarding the AFL’s COVID-19 protocols. People identified the two players near a Surfers Paradise strip club. Consequently, concerned authorities handed the team ten bans. Moreover, just a few weeks before the afore-mentioned incident, BrookeTrent Cotchin’s wife, received severe criticism following a social media post on a day spa visit. Additionally, the club incurred a $45,000 fine.

Response: Tigers

In response to the assertions made against the Tigers, Brendon Galethe CEO of Richmond, announced a defence statement on the Grand Final day. He firmly declared that his club had a well-established sense of identity, that defines their character as well. Furthermore, he admitted to having made mistakes the year. Nevertheless, to call them arrogant for it was merely laughable to GaleGale went on to claim that this situation was a convenient narrative to take down the reigning premier. Finally, he again emphasised on the fact that his team is an extremely humble group with equally high standards.

BG20082020Besides, Gale is well aware of the fact that arrogance is deadly for a team of their level. This incident is the first time that fans have held Richmond in such opposing views. However, they only consider this as another trial to strengthen their club even more.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the usage of Remdesivir as a treatment against the COVID-19

The unexpected pandemic of 2020 costed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Scientists still do not know the origin and cause of the virus, called the SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. Nonetheless, its mode of transmission is somewhat known. As such, our primary objective is not to deduce the origin but to procure an anti-virus that can at least curb the spread of the virus.

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Therefore, scientists and health departments throughout the world have been working extensively, day and night, to develop such a cure. As such, the U.S department approved their efforts with the approval of related to the field recently.

Approval: Remdesivir

On October 23, 2020, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted their complete approval for the drug remdesivir. The drug serves as an anti-viral drug and the treatment for the patients suffering from the COVID-19. The department established the subsequent conditional authorization for the drug back in May of 2020. Gilead Sciences, Inc., the California-based biopharmaceutical company, listed the drug as the only available treatment as of yet.

remdesivir covid f

Consequently, after the announcement mentioned earlier, Gilead’s market shares on the New York Stock Exchange spiked a whole four per cent. Other countries such as Canada and most European countries have permitted temporary allowance for the use of the drug, remdesivir, as well.

Usage: Remdesivir

Doctors primarily administer Remdesivir as an injection. Although the drug’s effectiveness is not yet confirmed, it shows comparatively good recovery in patients. For children aged 12 or above and weigh more significant than 40 kilograms, doctors can provide the drug in the approved quantity. Nevertheless, health departments can also administer medications such as steroid dexamethasone for treatment against COVID-19.

Official Statement: Remdesivir

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration publicised a statement following the granting of the approval of the remdesivir drug. They stated that the FDA committed themselves to look into the development and accessibility of various treatments of the COVID-19.

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In this time of unanticipated emergency that risks public safety, the approval of the drug plays a vital role. Data from multiple clinical trials, after rigorous assessments, validate the license. The FDA hopes that this decision will prevent further spread and help cure currently affected patients.

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