Powerpuff Girls: CW hat für die Saison 2021-2022 eine Reihe von Bestellungen in großen Mengen aufgegeben, und die Fans können nicht ruhig bleiben

The CW is also set to bring something very cool for their fans. Recently, CW has announced three pilot orders. It has also announced that on of the three pilots will be a reboot of USA based network series, “The 4400”.

The remaining two will be responsibility of DC. Moreover, one of the two remaining will be based on “Naomi”  from Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship. The other will be an untitled religious dramedy from Claire Rothrock and Ryann Weir. These orders will be created by a female creator. The creators have been planning to led out the news of these three orders. In fact, fans were also waiting for the news since long time. Let us follow up more with the latest updates.

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“Powerpuff Girls” was first announced in August in 2020

The series based on “Powerpuff Girls” was first announced back in August. Therefore, it seems like creators have been planning for the series since very long time. The series will be based on cartoon series which was created by Craig McCracken. This reboot is in development at The CW since 2 years that since since 2018.

The animated series of “Powerpuff Girls” ran for six seasons and in total have 78 episodes. It was active from 1998 to 2005. “Powerpuff Girls” movies was also a great hit and was released in 2002. Moreover, the rebooted animate series arrived on Cartoon Network in 2016.

“Naomi” was announced in process of development in early December last year. The show will revolve around a teen girl who lives in northwestern town. When a avalanche occurs in her city, she decide to find its origin. In climax, whatever Naomi discovers will change our perspective for the term “hero”.

Team of reboots

The project will be based on hard work of a very talented team. Heather and Diablo Cody will be executively producing and writing for the movie.

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