Dieser Bridgerton-Star ist bereit, sich Netflix 'Big-Budget-Film The Grey Man anzuschließen!

After the overwhelming success of the action movie Extraction, it seems like the streaming platform is willing to spend big bucks on action movies. An upcoming big-budget movie has another addition and fans are going to be quite happy after they get to know who this actor is!

Bridgerton Star Regé-Jean Page Is The Newest Addition In Netflix’s Upcoming Action Thriller The Gray Man!

Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page is the newest addition to the star-studded Netflix thriller The Gray Man! The movie is one of the highly anticipated movies with big names like Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling attached to the project. With an impressive star cast like this, we are going to witness one of the biggest releases soon enough.

Ryan Gosling

The upcoming Netflix release is going to be loosely based on the debut novel by Mark Greaney, the story revolves around Gentry played by Goslinh who is frantically hunted across the world by Lloyd Hansen who is a former cohort at the CIA. The role of Hansen will be played by Chris Evans.

The Netflix Thriller Is Going To Be A Star-Studded Affair!

This upcoming thriller will see the talented duo Joe-Anthony Russo returning after the theatre blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, the duo will be directing the Netflix thriller. The movie has a big budget of a whooping amount of $200 millions. While talking about the upcoming movie, Anthony Russo explains how the two leading actors will be representing the two different versions of the CIA.

Chris Evans

The director further explains that the movie is going to move into the territory in more of a real-world setting compared to the other movies that the duo has directed. Moreover, the director feels like Netflix is the perfect place for the movie and this is going to be an epic action movie.

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