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Get Ready For One Of The Biggest Crossover In Tim Allen’s The Last Man Standing! P.S: It Is Tim Allen Himself!

Tim Allen biggest crossover
LAST MAN STANDING: Tim Allen. CR: Elisabeth Caren / FOX. © 2018 FOX Broadcasting.

If you think our iconic funnyman Tim Allen has no more tricks up his sleeves, you are wrong! The actor recently shocked fans with one of the biggest crossovers and it seems like fans are in for a big surprise!

Fans Are In For A Big Surprise In The Comedy Series The Last Man Standing!

Tim Allen, who plays the family patriarch Mile Baxter in the long-running comedy series The Last Man Standing hired a handyman for some repairment work as his garbage disposal needed some fixing! Guess who turns up? Well, it is Tim the tool man Taylor who is also played by Allen!

While this Home Improvement crossover was a pleasant surprise for fans, Tim seems to work for Binford Tools and had to respond quickly when he heard that there’s out there who resembled him! While the two characters face each other, it seems like time stopped still for fans and they got to relive the iconic show himself.

Showrunner Kevin Abbott Talks About The Crossover And More!

While talking about this big shocker, showrunner Kevin Abbott reveals how Fox network wanted big and surprising and that’s when their writer Jon Haller suggested what if they bring Tim Taylor on board!

Tim Allen also paid a small tribute while mentioning co-star Earl Hindman who used to play his neighbour Wilson. The showrunner further revealed that the scene was quite emotional and lead star Tim Allen was touched as it gave him a chance to relive this old memory. Don’t miss out on the latest episodes of The Last Man Standing if you don’t want to miss one of the biggest crossovers between Tim Allen And Tim Allen! It is going to be double the fun and double doses of entertainment for fans all around.

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