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L.A.’s Finest: Season 3 of the Bad Boys Sin-off Cancelled Even Before Making it’s Way to Netflix for THIS Reason

LA's Finest

The show was cancelled before it arrived on Netflix

L.A.’s Finest, the cop comedy starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union is currently at number 4 on the top ten most watched shows on Netflix in the U.S. Netflix released the second season of the show while season one was already made by Spectrum, the original network of the show. However, the show has now been cancelled, meaning those who were starting to enjoy the show shouldn’t be expecting a third season to arrive.

Getting another second chance

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union in L.A.'s Finest

Netflix had revived many shows that were cast off by their original networks, such as Cobra Kai and Lucifer. L.A.’s Finest got its second chance with Netflix after airing on a lesser-known streaming service. Season one first aired in May 2019 on Spectrum Originals, an add-on feature to the Spectrum cable service where the Mad About You reboot is also available.

As Spectrum wasn’t well-known, the show didn’t get a lot of views and started airing on Fox in September 2020, and then came to Netflix in December. But the show was already cancelled before arriving at Netflix, in October 2020. This means that even if season 2 gets released on Netflix (probably after it finishes airing on Fox), it will not be getting a third season until Netflix decides to do something about it.

LA's Finest

The very fact that it is on Netflix, and on top of that, ended up in the top ten list gives the show some hope. Netflix usually picks up shows that have a lot of profit like how it picked up Lucifer after Fox cancelled it. So far they haven’t made any announcements regarding the show’s future, but it can mean that they are waiting for the reception of season 2 as well. If that becomes a hit too, then a third season can get announced.

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