Azealia Banks shares post of herself digging up her dead cat and boiling it, Twitter Goes Mad Over Her Eating Eat?

Singer and rapper Azealia Banks started trending on Twitter early Tuesday morning after she posted videos on her Instagram stories of her digging up her dead cat and boiling it remains. While the original stories may have expired or has been deleted, it seems to have been just that because the stories currently in her profile has her explaining that what she’s doing is taxidermy. Anyway, it’s got people expressing their confusion, horror, and disgust.

The video soon showing Azealia Banks Boiling Her Cat started trending and it was confirmed to be her cat Lucifer

Azealia Banks Dead Cat

Azealia Banks presumably digging up her dead cat

Azealia Banks Boils Her Dead Cat

While Banks didn’t state what exactly she was doing at the start, she captioned it “Lucifer. 2009-2020. My dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend  an icon. Forever a serval serve.” This seemed to confirm that she did dig up her dead Cat.

The internet responded in horror, memes, and other jokes. On her stories, she posted a picture of a planter with a chain link and lock around it, and inside was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, a crucifix, peacock feathers, and the skull of her cat among several other items. When she was called out for what she was doing, she responded by saying that it was taxidermy and she had been boiling her cat’s head in peroxide, which she will later take to a jewelry shop so that she can get it gilded. She wants Lucifer to be preserved forever.

Azealia Banks Dead Cat

Twitterati(s) Have Gone Mad over her Behavior

Azealia Banks Boils Her Dead Cat and she went on to say how Catholics are all essentially vampires as they ritually consume the blood and flesh of Christ during mass and that they just replaced it with bread and wine.

Azealia Banks Boiling Dead Cat

Banks have done a similar thing in 2016 where she was cleaning a closet covered in dried blood and feathers and said she had been practicing “Brujeria”, which is Spanish for witchcraft.

Once People Knew that She Was Boiling Her to preserve Her Forever Their Loved Showed For Her.

She Tried to Clear The Mess and Confusion and Told What she Wanted To Do.

Azealia Banks Dead Cat


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