L'inévitable Nova Project de Marvel peut rechercher des connaissances dans la série Green Lantern de HBO Max

The two characters run parallel across the comic books and hence can learn a lot from each other

We haven’t seen a frame or even concept arts from HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, but it’s already become a frontrunner for other cosmic stories for other production houses. Yes, that includes Marvel’s Nova as well, which would be announced soon, either as a movie or as a series for Disney+.

You’re likely to know already that the Green Lantern Corps and Nova Corps are pretty similar to each other. While belonging to different comic universes, both serve as space law enforcing agencies that uphold peace among the cosmos.

Their history


From the various Green Lantern comics, it’s understood that multiple characters have donned the mantle of Green Lantern and that’s going to be what we will see in the series. Even the Nova Corps have a handful of characters with their own individual stories. So an ensemble project for both makes a lot of sense.

It’s common to see fans demanding to see Richard Ryder, a powerful and valuable member of the Nova Corps and other superhero alliances who later became Nova Prime. But the Corps has a much richer history than just one character.

An ensemble series

Nova Corps

If Marvel was to make an ensemble series, it will give them ample time to not just introduce Ryder, but also others like Sam Alexander, and his father Jesse. They could introduce other characters like Gabriel Lan, aka Air-Walker or Pyres Kril, who is the Herald of Galactus.

This could also help set the series apart from the rest of Marvel ensemble movies. Yes, we have the Guardians of the Galaxy, but they’re rather unorganized and really chaotic and while they’re fun, they don’t have law and order. With the Nova Corps, you can make a series specifically on cosmic law and order and build another world that can soon join the rest of the MCU.

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