Empire: le drame musical se prépare-t-il pour une nouvelle saison? Détails ci-dessous

Empire is a series every musical fan is bound to watch. It is an American musical drama television series. The show is created by the duo of Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox. The show is available to stream in India on Disney+ Hotstar. The show has received many positive reviews around the world from fans and also critics.

As of now, there are around 6 seasons available to enjoy online. Fans have been watching to repeatedly and some also speculating a new one.

Empire is frequently said to have been an advanced, refreshed variant of King Lear, with a rap investor situated on the major seat above all. The show also centres around a family drama that rotates around the culture of hip-hop itself.


When it comes to the finale the pandemic has resulted in many different scenarios of it. In any case, series co-maker Lee Daniels and Danny Strong delivered separate explanations late Tuesday. There Is a say that the finale episode will be coming soon. There is communicating trust that a genuine series finale will come around after the COVID-19 crisis ends finally for good.

Update of Finale production

Creation on the Fox drama’s 6th and last season came to a standstill a month ago while the show was shooting Episode 19 of its 20-episodes of the series request. With the pandemic majority of shooting was on pause which is expected to resume in 2021.

There has been the theory of a reboot of the Empire franchise for some time now. Fans can greatly expect their favourite show to be back on track as soon as possible.


A report by Deadline in January started bits of gossip about a potential side project featured by Taraji Henson as Cookie Lyon, and it has been going around progressively, from that point onward.  The creators of the show Daniels and Danny Strong are even said to show complete confidence around the same idea.

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