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“Good Witch” is not  only famous for its storyline and casts but also for its cinematography. With total six season, “Good Witch” wants to return with season 7. However, fans thought that the series is already ended but no. Creators finally surprised everyone whilst announcing the official statement of series renewal for “Good Witch”.

So lets read more below about season 7.  Also, worry not, ahead lies no spoiler.

Will “Good Witch” have season 7?

As we all know, that it has been quite a long time since we had season 6 of the series. Fans were in fact wondering if they will be even having a season 7 of the series. So if you were among these fans, then wonder no more. “Good Witch” is finally renewed for season 7. Yes!!! in fact the production of the series is also completed.

Kredit: Netflix

Moreover, if the series follows the schedule properly, we can have chance to watch the series in 2021 itself.  Probably, creators may plan to release the series in summer 2021.

What can happen season of “Good Witch”?

Since the series renewal is just announced, not much details are revealed. So there is no official details regarding the plot line of season 7. The upcoming season will either give you a new romance or a wedding. For now there are two main questions which are as follows:

a) Will Adam return? And if even returns, will he will get together with Stephanie?

b) Will Joy and Carter accept the love between them? Are we finally going to see a new romance blooming in between them?

Last but no the least, the plot line centered around Cassie is also interesting. Therefore, it will be fun to see what season 7 have for her. Also, the cast of season 7 is not yet revealed.

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