Dalam Berita yang Sangat Tragis, Putra Dr Laura Berman yang Berusia 16 Tahun Meninggal karena Overdosis Obat

Dr Laura Berman has lost her son. Dr Laura is grieving as she was helpless and couldn’t save her son. The medical expert and also TV personality shared this demise news on Sunday that her 16-year-old child has left the world.

In a sad message presented on Instagram, Berman uncovered that her child, Samuel Berman Chapman, was dead due to drug overdose. She and her significant other affirmed to various outlets on Monday that their child Sammy passed on Sunday at their home from an accidental overdose of fentanyl-bound Xana. At home, their son consumed these drugs without any of the parent’s knowledge.


Dr Berman said her youngster child got these harmful drugs from a drug dealer that he was connected with the help of Snapchat. Both she and her better half revealed to NBC News there was no chance their child realized he was getting drugs bound with fentanyl.

Their child was innocent and also clueless with the dosage he was intaking of the number of drugs. Berman advised every other parent to monitor their child’s social media for good.

On Monday, Snapchat disclosed to USA TODAY that their foundation has “zero capacity to bear utilizing Snapchat to purchase or sell illicit drugs under any circumstances” or other “criminal operations,” as verified in its Community Guidelines. Snapchat condemns and also cares for the loss what Dr Laura Berman suffered. Snapchat claims that their platform is a safe environment and they will continue to invest their time and work in protecting their community at every other cost.


Berman shares two more sons with her spouse Samuel Chapman. The TV character showed up on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” prior to handling her own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The New York Times top-rated creator likewise has the “Language of Love” podcast.

Drugs from the knowledge of minor children should be avoided at any cost. Drugs are nowhere a thing to play or advise to anyone.


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