Kehidupan Lain: Netflix Membawakan Drama Sci-Fi untuk Season 2 atau Tidak?

Netflix’s sci-fi drama Another Life is a treat worth your time. The show premiered on Netflix on July 25, 2019. The creator of the show is Aaron Martin. It currently has only 1 season to stream on Netflix. Fans of the show are waiting for its subsequent season to come around.

Netflix has gotten a 10-episode second season of the series from Alias Grace maker Halfire Entertainment, with creation scheduled to start in 2020 in Vancouver, Canada. Sackhoff just uncovered the restoration news via social media to fans.


The primary storyline of Another Life season 1 was finding where the Artifact came from, and whether the outsiders who sent it are benevolent. Before the finish of the season, we realize that the alien society we know in the series is known as the Achaia, and they are certainly not neighbourly.

What was season 1 all about?

For most of season one, Another Life followed the two separate existences of Niko going through space and her significant other Erik, who’s abandoned to bring up their youngster and lead his own endeavour back on Earth.


As we hop to and fro between them both, watchers, in the long run, find that the outsiders they experience aren’t exactly pretty much as well disposed of as everybody originally trusted. The season 1 was a different adventure what season 2 will be bringing on the table.

What is the release date of season 2?

Production of the show was set to start in Vancouver this year. But as we all know because of Corona pandemic we saw an indefinite pause on the majority of filming on every industry on the planet, including film and TV.


The aftermath from that will proceed in the subsequent part, and it’s feasible we’ll see the Salvare and its team get back to earth, determined to evade killing and spread the word about the Achaia’s actual aims. The new chapter will see the new adventure unfold for the fans.


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