Carlos Ghosn Net Worth 2022: Renault and Nissan | Career Beginnings at Michelin

Carlos Ghosn is a French businessman of Brazilian descent. Ghosn is widely recognized as the chief executive officer of Michelin North America

Carlos Ghosn was detained in Tokyo on November 19, 2018, on charges including fraudulent accounting, tax evasion, and diverting company funds for personal use.

Initially, it was suspected that he failed to record $44 million in compensation and misappropriated business funds.

Ghosn began his business career at the tire manufacturer Michelin, where he worked for a total of 18 years.

In 1996, Ghosn was appointed executive vice president and head of the South American operations of the automobile maker Renault.

In 1984, Ghosn wed Rita Kordahi, a native of Lebanon. Caroline, Nadine, Maya, and Anthony were the couple’s four children.

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